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Steven Louis Craft

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Steven Louis Craft

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The Reverend Steven Louis Craft holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Harvard University School of Divinity in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Pastoral Counseling from Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. He completed Clinical Pastoral Education at Boone Hospital Center, in Columbia, Missouri.

Reverend Craft has served as Correctional Chaplain at Moshannon Valley Correctional Center in Philipsburg, PA. He has served at Pine Prairie Correctional Center, in Pine Prairie, Louisiana. He also served as Chaplain at the Jefferson City Correctional Center in Jefferson City, Missouri.

He is a professional Prison Chaplain and facilitator with Prison Fellowship Ministries. . He is ordained and endorsed as a Institutional  Chaplain with the American Baptist Churches, U.S.A.

Reverend Craft is a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker and author. He speaks on issues involving religion, race, politics, youth, crime prevention, and sexual purity education.  He is the Executive Director of Christian Citizenship Ministries, Inc.

He co-authored Virtue and Vice: A Fascinating Journey Into Spiritual Transformation. He also authored Morality and Freedom: America’s Dynamic Duo and was a contributing author to  Jump-Start Your Success .  He recently contributed to How To Raise An American Patriot.

Reverend Craft is certified as a facilitator for Bullies2Buddies Program: How to Turn Enemies Into Friends. He is certified as a Gang Prevention Educator.
He is also certified as an Instructor of Teaching English as a Second Language.

He is certified as a member of CUREnet and Urban Cure a Black Conservative Think Tank in Washington, D.C. He also speaks at various political events.

He is married to Mrs. Edith Mae Craft, a former Special Education Teacher. They have been married since 1978 and have four children and seven  grandchildren. They reside in Monroe Township, New Jersey.


Born-Again, Bible-Believing, Evangelical, Pro-Life Black American, who was saved, and delivered from heroin addiction in 1977.


Central Bible College, BA in Bible and Pastoral Counseling

Harvard Divinity School, MDiv, 1996