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Tobin Little

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Tobin Little


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Hiya! My name is Tobin Little, and I am the president of our small but friendly RC chapter at Marshall University.  I am originally from Winfield, WV, and still like to go back on the weekends as often as I can to be with my family and my church.

I am currently a junior, majoring in psychology.  After I graduate, I intend on going to seminary and becoming as aquainted with the word of God as possible.  My desire is that the major I am currently taking will one day benefit me as I take on some full time ministerial position in a local church.

I am a self learned theology nerd, taking much pleasure in reading whatever book I can get my hands on.  I love being able to learn about the one true faith and consider it a joy to be privileged to do my best to love God with all my mind.  I am also in love with Church history, especially early Church history and the Reformation.

I love to sing and play the trombone as well.  I find that music is one of the most beautiful provisions God gave for the soothing of the soul, and love making it as well as listening to all kinds of different genres, be it gospel, quartet music, jazz, classic rock, country, bluegrass, classical, Motown, and whatever else you can show me!

Lastly, I am an Eagle Scout, and my experience in the Scouts has done much to shape the way I am as a person.  I love being able to spend time in the beautiful world which God has crafted for the sake of our enjoyment.  I feel myself at home in the outdoors, and take every opportunity a busy college student such as myself can to go on hikes, camping trips, and basically anything that doesn't take place in a cramped room.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you!