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Tom Jaski

Chapter Director | University of North Carolina, Wilmington

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Tom Jaski is the Chapter Director for Cape Fear Community College and Director of Ratio Christi College Prep in Wilmington. He is also an attorney, pastor, Duke fan, proud husband and father of 4 girls, and grateful follower of Jesus.


I am grateful to my parents that I was raised in a denomination that encouraged faith in God and regular attendance of church services. It was while I was attending law school that God began to show me the difference between involvement in a religion about Him and the possibility of a relationship with Him. I knew the historical facts of the Bible – that Jesus of Narareth lived and walked the earth, that He was put to death for capital offenses He allegedly committed, and that He was seen by many individuals during a period after His death. What I didn’t know what what those events 2000 years ago had to do with me today. So I spent the summer of 1994 in the books, studying for the bar exam and exploring the truth claims of the Bible. That summer, God gripped my heart with the truth of the gospel, and I placed my faith in Jesus, passing from death to life (1 Jn. 3:14).

Having spent much of my life on a college campus, I feel an affinity with students and the culture in which they live. I’m also well aware of battle they face today. I’m excited to come alongside these students and to encourage them in a Christian faith that is logical, reasonable, and supported by much evidence. I’m thankful for the ministry of Ratio Christi that helps equips students to confidently dialogue with a culture that is searching for truth.


Biola University – MA (Christian Apologetics), 2018

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary – MDiv, 2006

Campbell University – JD, 1994

Duke University – BA (History), 1991