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Tom Koehler

Regional Director

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Tom Koehler is Ratio Christi’s Regional Director for Utah and Idaho. He was the kid, on his first day of kindergarten, who raised his hand and asked the teacher why; he never took anything for granted. You can imagine what this was like when he took his general ed classes in a secular college for his biblical studies degree. Apologetics was his favorite subject in college and has been studying the subject ever since. Tom loves to equip others to challenge the status quo of secular humanism, naturalism, and materialism in a loving, gentle, and respectful way. He comes to us with a wide range of experience that has prepared him for this ministry. Tom retired from 20 years of active duty service in the USAF, where he spent his last three years in marketing. He has been a church planter and a full time Pastor for 16 years and is now, by God’s grace, ready to help start RC chapters throughout Utah and Idaho. He also started Good Foundations Academy, which now is a very successful charter school. He is excited to go from focusing on caring for the Saints to focusing on defending the faith that God has entrusted once for all time to the saints.
He makes his home in Clearfield UT, with his beautiful, wonderful wife, Marina. Their five children, spouses, and ten grandchildren live close by. He is borderline addicted to golf, pray for him. Enjoys playing games, hunting, fishing, and is a rabid Packer fan.



I was raised in rural Wisconsin going to church every Sunday and went to a private religious elementary school. But something happened when I was ten years old that had a big effect on my life, my parents got a divorce.  In my mind that gave me a license to do whatever I wanted.  By Jr and Sr High school, I was incorrigible.  I joined the USAF and a couple of Navigators were going door to door in the dorms and shared the gospel of grace with me.  That was the first time I heard this message. For the next two weeks, no matter where I went, that was all people wanted to talk about.  It was clear, “the Hound of heaven” was on my trail.  I didn’t want the gospel to be true, but I knew it was.  I remember praying, “God I know what is keeping me from you, it is pride. If you show me how I can get rid of it, I will come to you.”  God clearly answered my prayer that evening, and I remember thinking, the God of the universe is interested in saving my individual soul.  I can’t understand why, but I can no longer resist.  I dropped to my knees opened my heart and trusted fully in the substitutional death of Christ on my behalf.  It was a radical conversion.  I went from being the biggest partier in my complex to reading my Bible during brakes, lunch and most of my off time.  It has been a spiritual journey of about 40 years that I believe has prepared me for such a ministry as this.


B.S., Biblical Studies, Emmaus Bible College
Conflict Resolution Graduate certificate, University of Utah