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Travis Pelletier

Chapter Director | University of Maine

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Travis Pelletier is a full-time supported missionary with Ratio Christi. As a chapter director he leads apologetics discussions on campus, teaching at weekly campus meetings, planning semester curriculum, mentoring student leadership, and serving local Christian churches and ministries as a community apologist. He is excited to advance the cause of Christ by giving Christians the tools they need to defend their beliefs and by giving the lost clearly articulated and carefully-defended presentations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


I trusted Christ when I was six years old, and I began to steadily grow in the knowledge of my faith. Although I struggled at times, my childhood and my teenage years were characterized by my desire to seek and know Christ.

If my childhood was characterized by growth in Christ, my undergraduate years were characterized by a descent into apostasy. I became disillusioned with my faith, and by the end of my undergraduate studies, I no longer wanted to be a Christian. So I became an agnostic and lived my life as though there were no God.

This period of apostasy lasted for two years after graduation, but I found it very hard to remain an agnostic for two reasons. First, my past relationship with Christ had been very strong, so strong that whenever I began to seriously consider my experiences, I could not deny that my walk with Christ was real. Second, I had a very strong background in philosophy and apologetics, so that whenever I would think about my beliefs, God’s existence would become rationally obvious. I thus found that only by refusing to think deeply could I remain an agnostic.

Upon my return to faith, I realized that my struggles were not unusual, but rather represented a large and growing group of struggling believers. I also found that my experience allowed me to help guide these people through their own doubts. After helping a couple friends in this way, I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life strengthening Christians’ faith and giving the lost reasons to follow Christ.