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  • The Suffering Professor - part 2

    By Dr. Paul M. Gould

    In my last post, I shared two books on suffering that have been meaningful to me. Gerald Sittser’s A Grace Disguised and Jack Deere’s Even in Our Darkness have encouraged me to persevere through suffering. God is an ever-present reality who lovingly sustains us through pain. In this post, I add two more books, written...   More

  • The Suffering Professor - part 1

    By Dr. Paul M. Gould

    As a philosophy professor, one of my bread and butter subjects is the problem of evil. Why would a good and powerful God allow pain and suffering? For years, I’ve walked students through the philosophical answers to this question and questions like it. A typical answer I give (and still believe) goes like this: God values our freedom. As free creatures, we have the ability to be self-determiners of our actions, our character, and...   More