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  • Professors as Purveyors of Wonder - Part 2

    In my previous post, we discussed the nature of wonder. I argued that wonder propels us on our journey toward truth, and ultimately to the source of truth, which is God. This understanding of wonder has profound implications for us as university professors. We’re already moved by wonder (or at least we once were), and as educators, we can be used by God to awaken in othe...   More

  • Professors as Purveyors of Wonder - Part 1

    By Dr. Paul Gould

    The ancient philosophers thought the human impulse to seek understanding begins in wonder. We look at the world before us and it stirs within us a desire to know: first the truth about the moon, or stars, or humans, or ants, and second, we begin to wonder about the meaning behind it all, and the source of it all. Wonder is a distinctly human capacity, it is the “hallmark of our species and the central feature of the human spirit.&rd...   More

  • The Suffering Professor - part 2

    By Dr. Paul M. Gould

    In my last post, I shared two books on suffering that have been meaningful to me. Gerald Sittser’s A Grace Disguised and Jack Deere’s Even in Our Darkness have encouraged me to persevere through suffering. God is an ever-present reality who lovingly sustains us through pain. In this post, I add two more books, written...   More

  • The Suffering Professor - part 1

    By Dr. Paul M. Gould

    As a philosophy professor, one of my bread and butter subjects is the problem of evil. Why would a good and powerful God allow pain and suffering? For years, I’ve walked students through the philosophical answers to this question and questions like it. A typical answer I give (and still believe) goes like this: God values our freedom. As free creatures, we have the ability to be self-determiners of our actions, our character, and...   More

  • On the Reading of Old Books - part 2

    By Dr. Paul M. Gould

    Reading books help me see reality through another’s eyes. As C. S. Lewis aptly put it, “in reading great literature I become a thousand men and yet remain myself. Like the night sky in the Greek poem, I see with myriad eyes, but it is still I who see.” [1]  In my last post, I shared three books from the Ancient World that have helped me understand the contemporary world. In this post, I want to share three more,...   More