Author Dr. Paul Gould will be leading an online discussion group on his book "The Outrageous Idea of the Missional Professor." This weekly group is open to all faculty and graduate students who want to better understand how to integrate their faith and academic vocation, and better appreciate how our unique calling ties in to the mission and heart of God for humanity. Together we will share insights and struggles we face in living out our faith on campus, and learn how to find greater fulfillment and fruitfulness in our service.

Choose the time that is best for you -- Thursdays at 1:00-2:00pm Eastern, or Fridays at Noon-1:00pm Eastern. The first meetings will be Thu Jan 24 and Fri Jan 25, when we will dive into Chapter 1 and discuss whether being a missional professor is a biblical idea or an outrageous one. Is the university solely a place for the transmission of knowledge and the conferring of analytical skills, or a sphere of influence where God has strategically placed us to shape the minds and thoughts of future leaders? Is it enough to be a Christian and a professor, or is there more to it? 

To register or find out more information, please email Larry Baxter <>.