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It is plain to see that being a Christian today in a secular university can be a challenge at the same time it is a rich blessing. The waves of political correctness and subtle or overt bias against Christians creates an environment of uncertainty as to what a professor can or cannot and should or should not say and do in the classroom and laboratory. This uncertainty can lead to isolation and fear as professors are sometimes concerned about the advancement of their hard-won academic credentials and tenure or even about losing their jobs. 

Ratio Christi believes that in order to share the truth of Christ there needs to be an opportunity to share the Gospel. Thus, in addition to defending truth and Christianity at the university, we are committed to defending the right to defend truth and Christianity at the university. We believe that the right to choose and practice your religious convictions in the public square is a privilege given, not by man, but by God. Our primary concern as a ministry is with the truth and defense of the Christian worldview. However, Ratio Christi is also devoted to standing up for academic freedom and the freedom of religion in the university as God provides wisdom, courage, and love.

As the civil authorities under whose governance we live are instituted as a good gift from God, Ratio Christi promotes peaceful obedience to our government and its laws, even if they are sometimes onerous or lack wisdom. 

"Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.  Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment . . ."  ~ Rom.13:1-7

Yet, as governments are given by God, so are they subject to God. When wrongly charged not to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ,

". . . Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.” ~ Acts 5:29

May God grant us the love to proclaim the Gospel in a winsome and compelling way, the courage to respectfully stand for our God given rights in a respectful way, and the wisdom to combine faith and reason into an integrated whole.


As a result of our values, Ratio Christi has an important strategic relationship with the Alliance Defending Freedom. The ADF is one of the premier Christian legal organizations in the United States that defends Christians in regards to religious freedom. They are experts in the area of religious freedom law and are also committed to serving Christ. We are very grateful the Lord has provided this relationship.

We understand that due to the nature of current pressures against Christians in the public sphere and in academia in particular, there is a possibility that you may need legal advice and assistance at some time. We trust the Lord to keep you unnecessary legal problems, yet Ratio Christi's partner (ADF) wants to be available to serve and support you should you have need.

We pray that the Ratio Christi and Christian professors will be used by God to give a gracious and strong witness to the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ on the campuses of this country and around the world. We are very excited to partner with you on this adventure and are thankful for your commitment and service to the academic sphere.

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Should you need help or just need answers to your questions please feel to contact Ratio Christi Prof and we would be glad to point you in the right direction for resources and people that can assist you. 

If you think your rights have been violated as a result of a restriction on your religious expression at a public college or university or if you want to protect students’ religious expression on campus, please contact Alliance Defending Freedom's Legal Intake Department so that they may review your situation and possibly assist you. You can reach them at 1-800-835-5233, or visit our website at and submit a request for legal assistance.


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Ratio Christi is also committed to providing you, as university faculty and staff, with the in-person training you and your colleagues need in this vital area of your rights and responsibilities. Whether it's a related large group lecture at the university, training for your local Christian faculty network, or a small "off the radar" meeting to educate and equip a few Christian professors, we will work with our partners to provide you just what you need. Contact us for more information or to plan a legal briefing event.

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