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Exploring Issues Relevant to Professors Regarding Bridging Christ to the Campus

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Meet the Professors

Hear powerful messages from a line-up of faculty who are striving to integrate their Christian worldview with their academic disciplines.

In order of pictures above (left to right)

  • Dr. Larry Baxter Director of RC Prof, Ph.D. in Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Dr. Corey Miller - President/CEO of Ratio Christi and has a PhD in philosophy and theology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • Dr. J.P. Moreland - Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Southern California
  • Dr. Timothy McGrew - Professor of Philosophy at Western Michigan University, Ph.D. in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University.
  • Travis Barham, Esq. (not pictured) - Legal Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom's Center for Academic Freedom

Faculty Track 

Banquet Keynote Address: Dr. J.P. Moreland (Biola University)Secularism, Ratio Christi and the Loss of Christian Courage

Plenary/"Semi-Plenary" Addresses:

Dr. Timothy McGrew - Undesigned Coincidences -- Adding DEPTH to Your Apologetic

Dr. J. P. Moreland - A Plan for Infiltrating the World of Ideas with Christ: A View from a Scholar and Churchman

Greg Koukl - Being an Ambassadors for Christ From Church To Campus

Travis Barham, Esq. - What Happens on Campus Doesn’t Stay on Campus:  Changing Culture from the Campus

Faculty/Professor/Teacher Breakout Sessions

This year we will have a smaller number of more interactive sessions, fostering more in-depth discussion with peers, speakers, and panelists

  • Are Professors Called to Bridge Christ and Campus? - Dr. J. P. Moreland, Dr. Larry Baxter
  • Strategies for Bridging Christ & Campus - Dr. Corey Miller, Dr. Larry Baxter
  • Bridging your Career & Calling: Becoming Missional - Dr. Larry Baxter 
  • Breakfast with Faculty

Other Sessions Open to Faculty (Partial List)

  • Selling” Apologetics to Your Pastor and Church: Using Its Native Language (The Bible) & More   ~ Dan Britton (Ratio Christi)
  • The Biblical Basis for Civil Rights Litigation ~ Travis Barham (ADF)
  • What a Philosopher & Apologist Learned About Loving & Living in the Church - Prem Isaac
  • See More Here

Download Detailed Sunday Schedule with Speakers and Topics

Download Detailed Logistics information here for the various events from Fri. through Sunday. Includes transportation information, locations, contacts, accommodations details, meals, and other important details.

Please note: Specific topics and faculty subject to change. 


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