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Did the Apostles Die for their Faith?

Ratio Christi

Date: Jul. 27, 2017

Location: Highland, Indiana

Join us at Kolas Christian Bookstore as we ( Ratio Christi at Purdue University Northwest) will offer a wide-ranging, reasoned, and historical look at what happened to the disciples of Jesus along with the apostles Paul, and James.

We’ll consider the evidence for some apostle’s martyrdom as well as how it is significant to the reliability of their testimony. Did the apostles really believe Jesus appeared to them after his death, or did they make-up the entire story? How reliable are the resurrection accounts?

The willingness of the apostles to die for their faith is a popular argument in resurrection studies. You’ll get an insightful analysis of this argument to compliment your New Testament studies, Church History, and apologetics.

Help us bring awaress to Ratio Christi as your local resource for apologetics. Join us, support our work and become a partner on the campus of Purdue University Northwest (Calumet). 

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6:30pm - 8pm
Location Name:
Kolas Christian Bookstore
2635 Highway Ave

Highland, Indiana 46322
(219) 781 - 1509
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