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Men's Breakfast

Ratio Christi

Date: Apr. 01, 2017

Location: Saint John, Indiana

MEN'S BREAKFAST: Many of us may be very familiar with the word “disciple,” however, we may be missing out on what "discipleship" meant or required during the time of Jesus.

How would Rabbi Jesus relate to us as disciples?
How would we follow Jesus as our rabbi? Who was He? How was He?

This session is frightening! (in a good, convicting way)
As we take a look from a 1st century Jewish historical and cultural way, we may realize that we are so far from what we're called to be. And of all the concepts that are misunderstood, “discipleship” is perhaps the greatest.

What is Jesus really asking of us in becoming His disciples? Come find out! It just may change your life!

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7:30am - 9am
Location Name:
Village Church
14849 W 93rd Ave.

Saint John, Indiana 46373
(219) 781 - 1509
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