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Walls Down at PNW

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Date: Feb. 22, 2018

Location: Hammond, Indiana

Walls Down is not primarily an outreach to the gay community directly, but rather a ministry that equips the church to reach out in their daily lives to the LGBT people they already have relationships with. The heart for this ministry came out of what was happening in our culture regarding sexuality, and how the cultural war on the issue of homosexuality, only continued to add more bricks to the wall between the Christian and LGBT communities. Opportunities for Christians to reach gay people were turned into standoffs and instead of extending invitations to know Christ, everyone reached for a sword. The result was that neither community trusted the other, making it very difficult when Christians tried to tell LGBT people that they can trust God with their lives and look to Him for life giving ways of sexuality and gender expression.

Speaker, Ty Wyss, will share insights from his personal life and his education and profression.  Ty received his bachelors degree in psychology and Christian counseling from Liberty University and his masters degree in mental health counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University. He has been in ministry with the local church since 2005 and has received his credentials in ministry through the Assemblies of God.

No, the common understanding of an "ex-gay" ministry, is one that focuses on helping homosexual people become heterosexual. That is not what Walls Down does or claims to do. Why? - because focusing on orientation change misses the point of God's intent and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People who are straight are just as separated from God as gay people. It's being reconciled to God through Christ that matters. Historically, the church has focused on trying to change one's orientation and has used that as a measuring stick for spirituality and salvation for LGBT people. This has been damaging for some that have thought (and have been told that) the only way they can experience God's best for them is for their orientation to change. So Walls Down does not try to change people's orientation, but rather encourages gay people to surrender their lives (including their sexuality) to Jesus.

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6pm - 8pm
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Purdue University Northwest SULB Cafeteria
2200 169th St.

Hammond, Indiana 46323
(219) 781 - 1509
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