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RCMA Training Fellowship

Ratio Christi Missionary Apologist Training Fellowship

Get Trained, Funded, and Equipped to Join the Battle for Truth and Christianity at the University

Do you have a passion for equipping college students to deal with the attacks they will face on campus from professors, students, and a variety of anti-Christian ideologies? Would you like to see the truth of Christianity presented and defended in the highest levels of academia? Are you willing to commit to full-time service to this unique and important mission? If so, the Ratio Christi Missionary Apologist Training Fellowship (RCMA Training Fellowship) is your path to get fully trained, fully funded, and fully equipped to join the fight (2 Cor. 10:3-6).

RCMA Fellows will receive:

  • Two-year MA degree (further study optional; see FAQ for students currently pursuing a BA)
  • Supported missionary fundraising training (including a support raising mentor/coach) in order to be fully funded for full-time service before, or upon, completion of the RCMA Training Fellowship
  • Valuable internship experience assisting at a local Ratio Christi chapter
  • Broadened kingdom focus by assisting in “traditional” campus ministries (ex. Cru, Navigators, BCM, Intervarsity, etc.)
  • Public speaking/teaching experience through partner Seminary programs
  • Informal, directed training with partner Seminary students, graduates, and professors



  • Agree to a minimum of two years in the field with Ratio Christi upon training completion
  • Relocate to partner seminary city for the RCMA Training Fellowship 
  • Provide testimonial for future promotion of RCMA Training Fellowship and partner seminary

Ratio Christi

  • Pay attendance fee for applicant to attend Support Raising Solutions fundraising training
  • Provide a support raising mentor and intiate contact with at least three key potential donors
  • Provide an ongoing scholarship to cover 25% of tuition costs on a per semester basis

Partner Seminary

  • Assist Ratio Christi in coordinating the applicant's move to Seminary city (housing, church, etc.)
  • Provide a 25% scholarship toward cost of tuition for RCMA Fellows


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