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Julia (Liberty University)

The Ratio Christi group here at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, North Carolina is doing very well. We will continue to meet during the summer as there is still interest from members of the community and also students who will be staying in the area. Amazingly, even after exams were over and the students had gone home, one young man drove an hour from his home to attend our 7:00 am Ratio Christi meeting, and another young lady drove 3 hours! It is so encouraging to see such serious commitment and spiritual hunger in these students.

Matt (UC Irvine)

Ratio Christi has helped me learn about the reasons why the Christian worldview stands head and shoulders above the rest. This has helped me feel strengthened in my faith and more confident in sharing my faith with others. Ratio Christi helps show that our faith is not a blind faith, but a reasonable faith.