The following are lists of pre-approved training programs for working with Ratio Christi. Your education requirements are not limited to the following options, so if you have a degree from another institution or have participated in other training or life experience please contact us to discuss. However, the following programs are provided by our Strategic Partners and are known to be high-quality programs to equip you for service with Ratio Christi.


at Ratio Christi

Pre-Approved Accredited Education

Anyone with an M.A. in Apologetics (or working on one) should contact us about starting a chapter.

Institution Degree Credit Hours
* Biola University Master of Arts(Apologetics; On campus or distance education) 36 Hrs
Master of Arts in Philosophy
Master of Arts in Science and Religion
Birmingham Theological Seminary Master of Arts Apologetics 62 Hrs
* Houston Baptist University  Dept. of Apologetics (School of Christian Thought)
MA in Apologetics(MAA) – Cultural Apologetics 36 Hrs
MA in Philosophy(includes Apologetics Certificate)
* Liberty University PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Apologetics) 54 Hrs
MA in Philosophical Studies: Christian Thought (Concentration in either Apologetics or Philosophy) 36 Hrs
BS in Religious Studies: Concentration in Theology and Apologetics**
Luther Rice College and Seminary Bachelor of Arts in Religion with a Minor in Apologetics 120 Hrs
Master of Arts in Apologetics 36 Hrs
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary MDiv with Specialization in Christian Apologetics
Graduate Certificate in Christian Apologetics
Oklahoma Wesleyan University Masters Degree in Theology and Apologetics (coming soon!) 36 Hrs
Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics
Two Year Course (Masters)
One Year Course (CTPS)
* Southern Evangelical Seminary (On campus and distance education. Masters equivalent certificate programs also available.)
Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies**
Master of Arts in Apologetics 60 Hrs
Master of Arts in Philosophy 60 Hrs
Master of Divinity in Apologetics 90 Hrs
Doctor of Ministry(Apologetics) 36 Hrs
PhD (Philosophy of Religion) 60 Hrs
Trinity International University BA in Philosophy**
MA in Philosophy of Religion 32 Hrs
MA in Bioethics
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
MA in Apologetics 62 Hrs