Ratio Christi is proud to partner with some of the world’s leading theologians, philosophers, and scientists. Below you will find some of the resources that will help you to be a more thoughtful Christian and to share compelling reasons for following Christ.

Special Resources

Publications from the Ratio Christi team and contributors

Is Christianity a White Man’s Religion?

H.C. Felder

This booklet is an apologetic to the black community, emphasizing the contributions of Africa and Africans to the Bible and Christian theology, by demonstrating that Christianity is not only compatible with people of color, but they have always been linked.  The booklet also answers the common objections that have been used to allegedly demonstrate that Christianity is incompatible with people of color.

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Has Christianity Opposed Science?

Michael N. Keas

Has Christianity been at war with science? Many think so. Science historian-philosopher Michael Keas  tells the true story in a new RC booklet. He exposes the false religion-bashing narratives of leading science popularizers such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye “The Science Guy.” The impression that Christianity is typically at war with science has been perpetuated by many specific myths, including this one: “That Church-induced ignorance caused medieval European intellectuals to believe in a flat earth.” Keas also explores how these historical myths support scientism today. Scientism is the view that only the sciences generate knowledge or rational belief. Reliable belief about God is impossible, scientism typically assumes. Keas argues that Christianity has opposed scientism, not science. This is good news for Christians because (generally) science is reasonable, while scientism is not (as he shows).

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What is the soul?

J.P. Moreland

Do we have a soul? What is a Soul? Where is the Soul? It’s simply assumed that only death will shed light on these mysteries and decide once and for all if human beings have a soul. But that’s not the case. In What is The Soul, J. P. Moreland maps our immaterial selves, explains the soul, and shows quite definitively why the brain cannot be the mind and why the body must have a soul.

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Why does God hide from us?

Paul Moser

Many have questioned why God does not provide clearer evidence for his existence. But what sort of evidence should we be looking for? According to Paul Moser indicators of God’s existence align with God’s distinctive character and purposes, not ours. And, quite to the contrary, Moser argues that every sincere seeker of God has available adequate evidence for God’s existence in a manner consistent with God’s perfectly good character, redemptive purposes, and good timing.

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What does it mean to be human?

Klaus Issler

The life we live is inseparable from what we believe is the meaning of life, what we believe it means to be human, and what we believe it means to “live well.” As scholar, educator, and philosopher, Klaus Issler has devoted a lifetime to the study and pursuit of a life lived wisely. In What Does it mean to be Human?, Klaus presents life as the ultimate game, and explains how to play it accordingly. Life is a game to be enjoyed, but it’s also a game that can be won.

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Engaging Critical Theory and the Social Justice Movement

Neil Shenvi & Pat Sawyer

“No more old white men!” The Pulse nightclub shooting. Feminist glaciology. What do these incidents have in common? We might have a vague sense that they are somehow connected to “political correctness.” Perhaps they capture a kind of 21st-century progressive zeitgeist but are otherwise unconnected. Alternatively, we could dismiss these statements as utterly nonsensical. What does gender have to do with glaciers? How is capitalism to blame for a terrorist attack at a gay nightclub?

Both reactions are understandable but incorrect. Both views flow from a knowledge area known as critical theory, which seeks to understand human relationships through the fundamental lens of power.

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Critical Theory - Social Justice response cover

What If Christianity Is True?

Various Authors

“Christianity is a statement which, if false, is of no importance, and if true, is of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.”
– C.S. Lewis

In an environment where the very idea of truth is challenged, one must be prepared to answer questions at the very heart of our existence. This book is the starting place for a more thoughtful approach to life. Our team answers some of the most common questions about the Christian worldview:

  • Can we know truth?
  • Is truth relative?
  • Does God exist?
  • Does science explain everything?
  • Is the Bible reliable?
  • Did Jesus ever claim to be God?
  • Is Jesus God?
  • Wasn’t Jesus just a teacher?
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What if Christianity is True?

Capitalism vs. Socialism: An Economics Perspective

Thomas D. Simpson Ph.D.

Are you trying to sort out whether socialism is better for the United States? Are you curious about what the Bible has to say? This book has answers.

In Capitalism versus Socialism: An Economics Perspective, you can learn:

  • What the Bible has to say about the pillars of socialist and capitalist economic systems
  • The vital coordinating role of the “Invisible Hand” in a decentralized market-based—capitalist—economy and how this gets short-circuited in socialist economies.
  • That the Scandinavian countries are welfare states based on market principles and not, as alleged, examples of successful socialist economies.
  • What the actual evidence is on capitalist and socialist systems.
  • What the Bible has to say about inequality and how we are to care for the less fortunate.
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Does God Exist?

Richard G Howe

We tackle one of the most fundamental questions for students of philosophy and theism: Does God exist?

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Is Jesus God?

Robert Bowman Jr.

Not all religious groups identifying themselves as Christians agree that Jesus is God. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and many other such groups espouse different beliefs about who and what Jesus is. Islam, though not a Christian religion, recognizes Jesus as a great prophet but denies that he is divine. All of these religions challenge the traditional Christian view of Jesus Christ as God incarnate. In addition, skeptics consider the belief that Jesus was God to be myth.

Christians have nothing to fear from these challenges to what we believe about Christ. If Jesus is God as Christianity historically has taught, then we should find that the evidence supports this belief. On the other hand, if the evidence were to show that Jesus was not God, we would certainly want to know it.

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Is Jesus the Only Way?

Greg Koukl

Is Jesus the only way to God? Christians are often befuddled by this question along with others which are related to it: What happens to those who’ve never heard of Jesus? Will God deal with them fairly on Judgement Day? How so? Also, how should Christians respond to pluralism – the idea that all religions lead to the same God? In this booklet, author and apologist Greg Koukl offers his seasoned wisdom on these questions, advising Christians to “wager” with Blaise Pascal on the urgency of the gospel message that yes, everyone needs to believe in Christ for the forgiveness of sins and the right to eternal life with God.

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Do Prophecies Confirm the Bible?

Benjamin D Smith Jr.

“Is the Bible a book of prophecy? Did the Old Testament predict the coming of the Messiah? Does the New Testament show us the end of the world? In this booklet, Ben Smith explores the reliability and accuracy of biblical prophecies, comparing them to other supposedly prophetic religious writings. When the evidence is closely examined, the Bible is revealed to contain amazing and distinct supernatural foreknowledge. No other religion has produced anything remotely close to the extraordinary predictions of the Bible. Here is the evidence that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God.”

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Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

Dr. William Lane Craig

The question of Christ’s existence is important. The question of his resurrection is the central question of all mankind.

Follow along as world renown apologist and professor, Dr. William Lane Craig discusses this question and puts any doubt about Jesus’ real, earthly resurrection, to bed. Dr. Craig adapted this work from his own work, On Guard. Perfect material to prepare yourself to share the Gospel with someone from another religion, this work is unquestionably important.

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Have the Gospels been changed?

Jonathan Meyer

Dan Brown, author of the popular series of books beginning with, The Davinci Code, brought the idea of political machinations behind the canon of Scripture to the mainstream. Is there any validity to his argument? Was the Bible merely invented by some shadowy figures, or has it stood the test of time, passing from original writing to modern times with no change?

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Is the Bible a Reliable Guide to Truth?

John Stewart

How do we know that we can trust what we read in the Bible about Jesus and his Church?

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Is God Evil?

Corey Miller

No problem has been more vexing than wrestling with why, if God exists, he allows evil, pain, and suffering. New Testament (NT) Historian, Bart Ehrman, an ex-evangelical who has written several best-sellers, is a popular Bible critic. Many are shocked, however, to discover that what led him to become an agnostic was not at all related to the historicity of the Bible. In his own words, “The big issue that drove me to agnosticism has to do not with the Bible, but with the pain and suffering in the world… I don’t know how we can say that God exists given the senseless pain and suffering in this world.” Indeed, even the conversion of the most notorious atheist philosopher to theism stopped short of him becoming a follower of Christ because of the acuteness of the problem of evil.

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Is God Evil?

Are We More Than A Body?

Travis Pelletier

Do humans have souls? Is eternal life possible? Skeptics assert that the answer is “No.” It is vital that Christians understand the arguments for and against the existence of souls. This booklet discusses these issues and provides good reasons to believe that souls DO exist, and that life after death is indeed a reality.

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