Seminary education for the next generation of apologists

Join the Fight

Do you have a passion for equipping college students to deal with the attacks they will face on campus from professors, students, and a variety of anti-Christian ideologies? Would you like to see the truth of Christianity presented and defended in the highest levels of academia? Are you willing to commit to full-time service to this unique and important mission? If so, the Ratio Christi Missionary Apologist Training Fellowship (RCMA Training Fellowship) is your path to get fully trained, fully funded, and fully equipped to join the fight (2 Cor. 10:3-6).


You need a seminary education

Sharing the Gospel on the college and university campus requires convincing evidence and advanced techniques. While you don’t need a seminary education to tell people about Jesus, having an advanced degree gives you important legitimacy in the eyes of university students, faculty, and staff.


The RCMA program can give you what you need

The Ratio Christi Missionary Apologist program helps you get a Masters of Arts in Apologetics from the world renown Southern Evangelical Seminary. A national leader in practical training, the MA in Apologetics from SES will give you the tools and respect that you need to serve.