Theological FAQ

Every Christian is called to have a thoughtful faith. We have prepared a number of tools and resources for you to grow a confident faith.

Theological FAQ2020-01-18T19:06:37-05:00
What is progressive dispensationalism?2020-01-24T15:46:09-05:00

Progressive dispensationalism differs from standard dispensationalism. It covers a number of differing viewpoints. Generally, progressive dispensationalism posits that the nation of Israel is distinct from the Church. Both have distinct roles within the future of God’s plan. Holders of this view will say that some, but not all, of the Old Testament promises are fulfilled in the Church while some are reserved for the nation of Israel to fulfill.

What is dispensationalism?2020-01-24T15:39:59-05:00

Generally refers to the belief that biblical history is a series of defined periods in which God has given distinct administrative principles specific to that time period alone. This means that Biblical history should be seen as discontinuous in the way that God has dealt with humanity over time with particular emphasis on the distinction between Israel and the Church.

What is eschatology?2020-01-24T15:37:30-05:00

Eschatology is the study of the end-times, with a special reference to the Christian study of the return of Christ.

What is the incarnation?2020-01-24T15:16:04-05:00