Thoughtful Christianity

Thoughtful Christianity: Faith & Politics with Dr. Wayne Grudem

Dr. Corey Miller speaks with the prolific author and theologian Dr. Wayne Grudem. The two men begin their conversation by focusing on the issues around the church and the political state. How should Christians interact with government and legislation? They wind their way to issues of gender and Biblical manhood before concluding on thoughts on Christian witness within academia. For more information about Ratio Christi, visit:

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Thoughtful Christianity: Faith and Human Sexuality with Dr. Robert Gagnon

Dr. Corey Miller sits down for a talk with Robert Gagnon, author of “The Bible and Homosexual Practice”. The two scholars discuss the Biblical evidence for and against homosexual practice. They review the Greek terms commonly translated as detailing homosexual activity, before moving on to a wider conversation of transexuality, gender, and the responsibility of the church to approach these sometimes difficult subject matters. For more information about Ratio Christi, visit:

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Thoughtful Christianity: Faith, Medicine, and COVID-19 with Dr. Ewan Goligher

Host Corey Miller sits down with Dr. Ewan Goligher, a frontline doctor in the fight against COVID-19. The two Christian men discuss the reasons for and against taking the vaccine, the mRNA COVID vaccine itself and how it differs from previous vaccines, and how Christians should endeavor to overcome the politicalizing of medicine in our current culture war.

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Thoughtful Christianity: Women, Religion, & Law with Laurie Stewart

Dr. Corey Miller sits down with attorney and speaker, Laurie Stewart, to discuss her recent thesis on women’s rights in four distinct countries. The four countries chosen: the U.S., China, India, and Saudi Arabia, illustrate how monumentally important a culture’s worldview is to how they protect the rights of women and the oppressed.

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Thoughtful Christianity: Faith and Economics in Biblical Perspective with Dr. Thomas D. Simpson

Host Dr. Corey Miller sits down with economist and author, Dr. Thomas D. Simpson, to talk about how a Biblical worldview can help form our perspective on money, work, and economics. The two cover the Biblical basis for a pro-market-based economy, address the supposed roots of capitalism from the humanist enlightenment, and compare the virtues of capitalism with those of fascism and communism.

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Thoughtful Christianity: Media, Academia, and Culture with Jennifer Kabbany

Dr. Corey Miller welcomes Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix ( to discuss center-right student journalism in a collegiate environment that is hostile to Judeo-Christian values. The two overview Kabbany’s “Five Lies They Teach Your Kids at Freshman Orientation”, and follow that up with a discussion of the positive and negative trends Kabbany has witnessed in the collegiate world in the last few years.

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Thoughtful Christianity: Conservative & Progressive Christianity – How Wide is the Divide? with Dr. George Yancey

In this episode of Thoughtful Christianity, Dr. Corey Miller interviews professor, author, and sociologist, Dr. George Yancey. The two discuss Dr. Yancey’s most recent book, in which his qualitative and quantitative studies on American Christians has led him to the conclusion that the gap between progressive and conservative Christians is so large that they shouldn’t even be considered the same language. The discussion endeavors to look at the origins of the divide, what the root differences are, and if unity is remotely possible.

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Thoughtful Christianity: Experiencing Miracles Today with J.P. Moreland

J.P. Moreland is invited onto the show today to discuss his new book, “A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles: Instruction and Inspiration for Living Supernaturally in Christ”. Dr. Corey Miller and Dr. Moreland discuss how to vet miracles and distinguish real supernatural interventions from mere coincidences. They also cover the role of prayer in miracles, the willingness to ‘fail’ at it, and the role philosophy plays in shaping our current cultural understanding of miracles.

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Thoughtful Christianity: Christians, Culture, and Lawsuits with Travis Barham

In this episode of Thoughtful Christianity, host Dr. Corey Miller talks with Travis Barham, a lawyer with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). The discussion primarily circulates around whether or not it’s Biblical for Christians to be litigious. The two also discuss several specific court cases that ADF has come alongside and supported Ratio Christi in.

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Thoughtful Christianity: The Good Citizen with Josh Hershburger

How’s this for a dual job title: attorney and pastor? That’s the life Josh Hershburger has chosen .He joins Dr. Corey Miller to discuss his recent book (he can add author to his job title!) “The Good Citizen” which examines the theological grounding for how and why Christians should engage in the public square. The two men talk about how the average Christian can practically engage with the public sector, and steps each of us can take to bear witness to God’s kingdom here on Earth.

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Thoughtful Christianity: The Return of the God Hypothesis with Stephen C Meyer

Dr. Corey Miller sits down with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer to discuss his new book, “The Return of the God Hypothesis” and the basis for studying and researching Intelligent Design.

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Thoughtful Christianity: Is Christianity a White Man’s Religion? with Dr. HC Felder

Dr. Corey Miller invites apologist and scholar, Dr. HC Felder onto the show to discuss the issues of race, color, and culture in regards to our understanding of the Bible and Biblical history. Dr. Felder gives his own testimony of going from atheism to Christianity, before settling into a discussion on slavery, the African roots of Christian missions, and much more!

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Thoughtful Christianity: Darwinian Racism, Hitler, and White Nationalism with Dr. Weikart

Author of multiple books examining Darwinism’s connections to Nazism and other ideologies, Dr. Richard Weikart sits down with president of Ratio Christi, Dr. Corey Miller to discuss his work. Dr. Weikart’s research shows how ideas inherent in Darwinism have impacted social movements from Marxism to Nazism. Some say that White Nationalism is an outgrowth of the Christian church in America, but what does the research show? Dr. Miller and Dr. Weikart cover that question and more in this latest episode of Thoughtful Christianity!

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