Thoughtful Christianity

Thoughtful Christianity: Faith & Politics with Dr. Wayne Grudem

Dr. Corey Miller speaks with the prolific author and theologian Dr. Wayne Grudem. The two men begin their conversation by focusing on the issues around the church and the political state. How should Christians interact with government and legislation? They wind their way to issues of gender and Biblical manhood before concluding on thoughts on Christian witness within academia. For more information about Ratio Christi, visit:

Thoughtful Christianity: Faith and Human Sexuality with Dr. Robert Gagnon

Dr. Corey Miller sits down for a talk with Robert Gagnon, author of “The Bible and Homosexual Practice”. The two scholars discuss the Biblical evidence for and against homosexual practice. They review the Greek terms commonly translated as detailing homosexual activity, before moving on to a wider conversation of transexuality, gender, and the responsibility of the church to approach these sometimes difficult subject matters. For more information about Ratio Christi, visit:

Thoughtful Christianity: Faith, Medicine, and COVID-19 with Dr. Ewan Goligher

Host Corey Miller sits down with Dr. Ewan Goligher, a frontline doctor in the fight against COVID-19. The two Christian men discuss the reasons for and against taking the vaccine, the mRNA COVID vaccine itself and how it differs from previous vaccines, and how Christians should endea