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  • The Basis of Human and Civil Rights

    Every year, we celebrate the contribution to our country by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's leadership of the civil rights movement. One can see photos with his most memorable quotes all over the Internet, and this is a great thing. 

    But what is the foundational basis for civil and human rights? 

    That was our discussion topic Monday Night in honor of MLK Day. 

    We discussed the Trolley Problem to introduce the questions: Do humans have value? Do thei...   More

  • Heaven, Hell, and Halloween

    Happy(?) Halloween

    Do you celebrate Halloween? Does your church shy away from it or even strongly forbid it? There are a variety of views on this topic.

    A LOT of people celebrate it, obviously. Several news sources say that Americans spend 8 to 9 billion dollars on Halloween food, drinks, costumes, and decorations.
    What IS Halloween?

    Halloween is a shortened form of the phrase All Hallows Eve.
    November 1st is the Feast of All Saints (All Hall...   More

  • Classical Challenges and Arguments For Christianity

    The October 22nd Meeting was on Classical Arguments for Christianity, and was posed around three common challenges to Christianity:

    • The Problem of Pain
    • The reliability/historicity of Scripture
    • The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus

    Here is the slideshow from that meeting.

    Of course, it doesn't capture the excellent discussion. For that, you will have to come visit us - Monday nights at 6:30 PM in CFS 123.

    E...   More

  • Film For Thought

    Our October 15th Meeting featured our second Film for Thought. 

    We let the attendees vote between the Case for Christ - the story of Lee Strobel's conversion and C. S. Lewis On Stage - The Most Reluctant Convert - the story of C. S. Lewis's conversion. 

    The group voted for the C. S. Lewis movie. Thanks to Treston Smith for purchasing the DVD last Spring when we all went to Houston to view this play live. 

    Here is our slideshow from the meeti...   More

  • 2018 Fall Schedule

    Dates and Topics

    9 - 20 - 2018 - Beauty and Brokenness
    9 - 27 - 2018 - Beauty and Brokenness Pt. 2 - Christopher Yuan’s Nature vs. Nurture DVD
    10 - 4 - 2018 - Classic Argument
    10 - 11 - 2018 - Questions Session

    Switch to Monday Nights at 6:30 PM CFS 123.

    10 - 15 - 2018 - Film for Thought
    10 - 22 - 2018 - Halloween - Reformation Discussion - ScrewTape!
    10 - 29 - 2018 - Classic A...   More

  • Meet Treston our President

    This week's interview subject is Treston Smith - our club President. Treston is our most senior member having joined the club as a freshman nearly four years ago. He is majoring in Psychology and is due to graduate this spring. He has applied to several graduate programs. Watch to hear how he became stronger in his faith and what apologetic topics he thinks are the most interesting. Hint - tune in to hear his thoughts on the problem of evil, the doctrine of hell, and a discussion of ann...   More

  • Meet Savannah - our club VP

    This week's interview subject is Savannah Burrus - our club Vice President and Chaplain. She is from Forney, TX. She is a film major and is set to graduate in 202x-ish as she says in the video. haha. Watch to hear how she became stronger in her Christian convictions, why she is interested in Christian apologetics, and what parts of the Christian faith and culture make her uncomfortable. Then, enjoy questions from club members off-camera as we explore the moral argument, social contracts...   More

  • Spring 2018 is in Session

    Welcome back Bearkats!

    tabling photo

    We are going to kick the semester off with a tabling event THIS FRIDAY at the LSC Mall Area.

    I need two volunteers to help me carry items over there at 11:30 am.

    We will Table from noon to 2 PM. 

    Bring a lunch, or take turns running to the food court.

    Tabling is always enjoyable. We get into some great conver...   More

  • God and Miracles

    “In the beginning God...” – Genesis 1:1

    The Story of Reality begins with God. God is the main character, not us. We come later.

    In fact, the flow of the actual events (and of Greg’s book) follow a simple five-point outline: God, Man, Jesus, Cross, and Resurrection.

    We begin Part 1: God, this Friday. (If you are new to this series, check out the   More

  • Half a Dozen Arguments for God

    Natural Theology

    This Week's Discussion contains several arguments for God's existence from our everyday experience. This is called "Natural Theology".

    We meet Friday's at Noon in LSC 319. Bring your own lunch and feed your mind.

    Even though Natural Theology does not "use the Bible" to support its arguments, the Bible does acknowledge the validity of Natural Theology. Here are two of many places in the Bible where Natural Theology is suggested as bei...   More

  • Two-part Defense of Biblical Inerrancy

    Our Chapter Discussion this week is on the Doctrine of Revelation. Within that topic is the doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy. I found this excerpt from Dr. Craig's Defenders Podcast especially helpful. I hope you do, also.


    Jesus believed that the Old Testament was the inerrant Word of God and taught it as such. We should do this as well. As has often been said, we believe in the Bible b...   More

  • Sign Up for our Text Alerts

    Stay informed and sign up for our text alerts. Send "@a0ca0" to 81010. This will put you on our text list, and you will receive a synopsis of each meeting shortly before we start. If you would rather receive an email, then subscribe here.   More

  • Useful Apologetics Links

    I enjoyed speaking to the Baptist Student Ministries Lunch, today. I have been impressed with your members over the years as I interact with them in class. They seem to present a confident witness here on campus, and we a blessed by your presence.

    I gave several charges in my talk.   More

    1. To add apologetics study to your regular time in God’s Word.
    2. To consider pursuing a career in academia.
    3. To consider your future path as a mission.
  • Ninety Years Since the Scopes Monkey Trial

    How have the arguments on BOTH sides changed over the years?

    Semester Theme Logo

    Come find out, this semester.

    We will discuss the following topics:   More

    1. What was the Scopes Monkey Trial? We will have a movie night (in CFS 102 September 3 at 5:30 pm) and watch the 1960 version of the trial 
  • Little Christs - What's in a name?

    Rosita means little Rose. Katy is short for Kathryn. Nicknames are shortened versions of official names, and "Christian" is no exception.

    From Acts we learn that the early converts called themselves "the Way" recalling Jesus proclamation that he was "the way, the truth, and the life."  John 14:6

    But in Antioch, Acts tells us that a nickname arose labeling believers as   More

  • God Called. Did you let it go to voice-mail?

    Ever screen your calls? I do. If I don't recognize the number, chances are I will let it pass to voicemail. No worries, if it is important they will leave a message. Right?

    But this practice ends when you have a loved one in ICU. You are alert for the latest information, and you answer every call with a knot in your stomach. Having a loved one in the hospital is bad and losing a...   More

  • TFIOS - Over-Analysis

    Continued from Part 1 and Part 2.

    The Van Houten Archtype

    You can end this silly little blog exercise and just leave this good book alone. It’s JUST a love story!

    Stet said to Fragel, “Before I get to my favorite parts of TFIOS, why don&r...   More