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Fall 2017 Discussion Meetings

Date: Dec. 01, 2017

Location: Huntsville, Texas

Each week we gather to discuss the rationality of the Christian world view (Ratio Christi).

Here is our club schedule for the Fall 2017 Semester.

Date - Topic
25-Aug - Welcome Back – and an overview of good Podcasts
30-Aug - ORG Fair – LSC Mall and Bearkat Plaza (we need volunteers)
1-Sep - Moral Argument / Problem of Evil – “Would a good God allow evil?”
6-Sep - DW Talk: Christian Decision Making and God's Will at CRU, 7:30 PM, Haney Auditorium
8-Sep - Cosmology – “Does a Big Bang need a big banger?”
15-Sep - Historical Evidence – “Does Archeology help or hurt the Bible?”
22-Sep - Biblical Authority – “Matthew, Isaiah, Paul, etc. are YOU the boss of me?”
29-Sep - Uncomfortable Bible Passages – “What verses make you cringe?”
6-Oct - Uncomfortable Bible Passages – “How do you respond?”
11-Oct - Ratio Christi Students Host a Human Library on Apologetics at CRU, 7:30 PM, Haney Auditorium
13-Oct - Ratio Christi Symposium (Friday-Sunday) - Fort Mill, South Carolina
20-Oct - The Biblical Sexual Ethic – “What does the Bible say?”
27-Oct - The Biblical Sexual Ethic – “Identity”
3-Nov - Beauty and Desire – “Can art and sunsets move us toward God?”
10-Nov - Making the Case Conference (Road Trip) - Memorial Lutheran, Houston
14-Nov - Careful Thinking about the End Times – Revelation and other passages
17-Nov - End Times – “What are the various interpretations of the Biblical passages?”
24-Nov - Thanksgiving Break
1-Dec - “What have you learned? What would you like to pass on to others?” Wrap Up and Social Time

The meetings are informal. Bring your lunch and feed your mind and soul.

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EVERY FRIDAY noon - 1pm
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EVERY FRIDAY Free. Join the club on OrgLINK
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