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Roadtrip to ReTHINK Apologetics Conference

Stand to Reason

Date: Mar. 02, 2018 - Mar. 03, 2018

Location: Allen, Texas

Ideas have consequences. The ideas that you think are true will ultimately play themselves out in the way that you live. Every. Single. Day. We all live at the mercy of our ideas. That’s why the apostle Paul warns us not to be taken captive by the false views of the world (Colossians 2:8).

Sadly, many Christians have been captured by the culture. Their thinking reflects the thinking of the society. Their worldview is no different from that of their unbelieving friends.

Stand to Reason Student Impact exists to provoke a new generation to rethink their worldview, recapture the truth, and then reengage the world for the cause of Christ. That’s why we’re putting on the reTHINK Apologetics Student Conference, designed for junior high, high school and college-aged students. And that’s why you need to be there.

Join Ratio Christi at SHSU, Faith Lutheran Church, and1800 youth at this year's ReTHINK Conference in Dallas, TX on March 2nd and 3rd.

We will leave Huntsville at 1 PM, drive to Dallas, eat quickly, and attend the conference. 


Friday, March 2nd

1:00 PM Leave Huntsville
5:00 PM Eat dinner at a fast-food restaurant (students pay individually)
5:30 PM Check into hotel
6:15 PM Drive to Conference

5:30 PM Check in/Registration
6:45 PM Doors Open
7:00 PM Welcome and Worship
7:25 PM Session 1: “reTHINK How Your See The World: What is a Worldview & Why Is It Important?” (John Stonestreet)
8:30 PM Break
8:55 Session 2: “The Story of Reality” • The Origin (Alan Shlemon) • The Design (Tim Barnett) • The Fall (Greg Koukl) • The Redemption (J. Warner Wallace)
10:15 PM Worship
10:30 PM Final Announcements

10:40 PM Drive to Hotel; sleep well

Saturday, March 3rd

8:00 AM Breakfast at Hotel
8:30 AM Drive to conference

9:00 AM Welcome and Worship
9:25 AM Session 3: “reTHINK How You See Sexuality: A Christian Responds to Homosexuality” (Christopher Yuan)
10:45 AM Break
11:10 AM Breakout Sessions • “Can We Trust the Bible When There Are So Many Discrepancies? (J. Warner Wallace) • “Welcome to College: Three Things Every Student Needs to Know to Keep Their Faith” (Jonathan Morrow) • “Using Your Gifts to Proclaim Jesus and Glorify God” (Drew Worsham) • ``Has Science Buried God?`` (Tim Barnett) • “Can One Way be the Only Way?” (Greg Koukl) • “Answering the ``Born Gay`` Question with Science and Theology” (Christopher Yuan) • “Amusing Ourselves to Death: Following Christ when There's Entertainment Everywhere” (John Stonestreet)
12 PM Lunch (Our group will eat at a local fast-food restaurant. Students will pay individually.)
``Why We're Losing Our Students and What You Can Do To Stop It!`` – Free parent & leader luncheon with Tim Barnett, J. Warner Wallace & Jonathan Morrow
1:25 PM Worship
1:40 PM Session 4: “reTHINK How You See Race: A Candid Conversation on Race and Grace” (Walter Strickland)
2:55 PM Break
3:10 PM Breakout Sessions • “Ask Me Anything Q & A” (Greg Koukl & Amy Hall) • “The Bible and Same-sex Relationships” (Christopher Yuan) • “Is the God of the Old Testament a Moral Monster?” (Travis Dickinson) • “Evil is Evidence that Christianity is True” (J. Warner Wallace) • “Who Chose the Books of the Bible & Why?” (Jonathan Morrow) • “A Christian Response to Social Justice” (Walter Strickland) • “Tactics in Defending the Faith” (Tim Barnett) • “Making Abortion Unthinkable” (Alan Shlemon) • SPEACIAL LEADER/PARENT SESSION: “The Unseen Undercurrents of Culture Shaping Students’ Hearts and Minds” (John Stonestreet)
4:00 PM Break
4:15 PM Session 5: “reTHINK How You Engage Your Faith” (J. Warner Wallace)
5:20 PM Worship
5:35 PM Closing Thoughts & Dismiss

Packing list:

  • money for three fast-food meals
  • clothes for sleeping and for Saturday
  • toothbrush, etc
  • Bible, pen, and notebook


  • From the student: only $20 plus the cost of three fast-food meals
  • Generous donors to Faith Lutheran and Ratio Christi are paying ($25) for the rest of the registration fee and (apx $50 each) for the hotel.

Deadline - February 21st

Time is short. Bring your money to Darren Williams at church or at his office CFS 317G by February 21st to save your spot and to reserve your hotel room. 

Faith Lutheran Church will provide free transportation for the first 12 participants. 

Additional Details

Location Name:
Cottonwood Creek Church
1015 Sam Rayburn Tollway

Allen, Texas 75013
Admission Details:
$20 per student plus money for three fast-food meals
For More Info:
Additional Links
Conference Web Site
Related Organizations:
Stand to Reason

Speaker Information

  • Alan Shlemon

    Apologist and speaker with Stand to Reason.

    Learn More »
  • Amy Hall

    Amy Hall works with Stand to Reason through speaking, blogging, and overseeing online content.

    Learn More »
  • Greg Koukl

    Founder and President of Stand to Reason, host of weekly radio show, adjunct professor at Biola University, and nationally known speaker on Christian apologetics and evangelism.

    Learn More »
  • J. Warner Wallace

    Former cold-case homocide detective who has used his investigative skills to determine and defend the truth of Christianity

    Learn More »
  • Jeff Zweerink

    Jeff Zweerink thought he would follow in his father's footsteps as a chemistry professor until a high school teacher piqued his interest in physics, now he incorporatesboth his love of science and his desire to serve God.

    Learn More »
  • John Stonestreet

    Learn More »
  • Jonathan Morrow

    Jonathan Morrow is the founder and writer of Think Christianly, a speaker, and an adjunct professor at Biola.

    Learn More »
  • Tim Barnett

    Tim is a dynamic speaker who trains Christians to think clearly about what they believe and why they believe it. Tim is a full-time apologist, a science teacher, and works part-time at his local church.

    Learn More »
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