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Host & Apologist, Tony Gurule
Tony Gurule is a full-time missionary on Ratio Christi's National Staff. He is the host of 'Truth Matters' and
RC's Assistant Director of Chapter Formation. He is also a Community Apologist who speaks in churches and
organizations to inform and equip both adults and youth, especially in the areas of evangelism, apologetics,
and Islam. Click HERE to go to Tony's bio page.

And a wide array of top-notch scholars, evangelists, theologians, philosophers, scientists, apologists, and lay people from around the world.


   Conversations of Consequence.
   This show is dedicated to providing believers and skeptics evidence for the Christian worldview as we
   introduce them to 'Truth' with a capital 'T,' and most importantly, point them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

   Show Format
   Each LIVE show consists of three, 28.5-minute episodes with each one geared to a particular audience.

   Block A: 7pm EST - Introductory Level: Geared toward junior high and high school students, parents, and grandparents.

   Block B: 7:30pm EST - Intermediate Level: Geared toward college students, lay leaders, and pastors.

   Block C: 8pm EST - Advanced Level: Geared toward graduate students, professors, and serious students of apologetics.


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Shows Scheduled to Air LIVE on ABN's Trinity Channel

Jan. 22nd: "Thoughts & Prayers" and Collegiate Day of Prayer

Jan. 29th: Slavery

Feb. 5th: Darwin Day

Feb. 12th: Terrorism

Feb. 19th: President's Day

Feb. 26th: Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide

Mar. 5th: Jihad

Mar. 12th: Gender Identity / Sexuality

Mar. 19th: Imago Dei

Mar. 26th: Good Friday / Easter

Apr. 2nd: Bible Reliability

Apr. 9th: Holocaust Remembrance Day

Apr. 16th: Transgenderism

Apr. 23rd: The Watchtower

Apr. 30th: National Day of Prayer

May 7th: Persecution

May 14th: Biblical Womanhood

May 21st: Ramadan

May 28th: Shari'ah (Islamic Law)

Jun. 7th: The Crusades

Jun. 11th: Young Earth vs. Old Earth

Jun. 18th: Biblical Manhood

Jun. 25th: Artificial Intelligence

Completed Episodes in 2018 (Season 2) - Now in High Definition!

All new episodes will be posted below after they are added to our YouTube channel

Fulfilling the Dream (Ep. 117)
Guest: Alveda King, Evangelist, Director of 'Civil Rights for the Unborn' for Priests for Life, and Founder of Alveda King Ministries

Biblical Morals & Questions About Race (Ep. 116)
Guest: Dr. Philip R. Olsson, Instructor at Providence Academy (Green Bay, WI)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Knew Rights Came from God (Ep. 115)
Guest: C.L. Edwards, Christian Apologist

Biblical Evangelism (Ep. 114)
Guest: Ray Comfort, CEO & Founder of Living Waters

It's a BOLD New World (Ep. 113)
Guest: Jerry Dupre, Ratio Christi Regional Director for Louisiana & Mississippi

The Necessity of Evangelism (Ep. 112)
Guest: Kevin Duffy, Assistant Pastor and RC College Prep Director of Training & Coaching Support

Completed Episodes in 2017 (Season 1)

Are there Problems with the Christmas Story? (Ep. 111)
Guest: Dr. Robert Stewart, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

The Earliest Evidence for Jesus as King (Ep. 110)
Guest: Steven Garofalo, President of Reason for Truth

How Believable is the Birth of Jesus Christ? (Ep. 109)
Guest: Steven Kozak, Executive Director of Awana Youth Ministries

Apologetics as Lifelong Discipleship & Evangelism (Ep. 108)
Guest: Mary Jo Sharp, Assistant Professor of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University

Love God with All Your Mind (Ep. 107)
Guest: Laurie Stewart, President of Women in Apologetics

Defending the Faith (Ep. 106)
Guest: Jade Turner, Director of Resources for Women in Apologetics

The History of St. Nicholas & Christmas Holiday Traditions (Ep. 105)
Guest: William J. Federer, Nationally Known Speaker, Best-selling Author, and President of Amerisearch, Inc.

Is Christmas a 'Pagan' Holiday? (Ep. 104)
Guest: Eric Chabot, RC Chapter Director at OSU & CJFM Mid-West Representative

Dispelling Myths about Christmas (Ep. 103)
Guest: Angie Mosteller, Founder of 'Celebrating Holidays'

The Minimal Facts Argument for the Resurrection of Jesus (Ep. 102)
Guest: Dr. Gary Habermas, Distinguished Research Professor (Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary)

Creeds and Beliefs about the Resurrection (Ep. 101)
Guest: Lori Peters, Regional Director of New England (Ratio Christi)

Discussing the Resurrection of Jesus (Ep. 100)
Guest: Ryan Pauly, Speaker & Writer with Coffeehouse Questions, and Field Guide with MAVEN

The History of Thanksgiving (Ep. 99)
Guest: William J. Federer, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and President of Amerisearch, Inc.

Making the God of Thanksgiving Meaningful (Ep. 98)
Guest: Lenny Esposito, President of Come Reason Ministries

The Defense of, and Reason for, Giving Thanks (Ep. 97)
Guest: Joe Whitchurch, National Campus Communications Director, Ratio Christi

Helping a New Generation Build a Lasting Faith (Ep. 96)
Guest: Dr. Jonathan Morrow, Author, Speaker, and Professor at Impact 360 Institute

Reaching Gen Z (Ep. 95)
Guest: Brett Kunkle, Founder & President of MAVEN

Gen Z Needs Evidence (Ep. 94)
Guest: Kevin Duffy, Assistant Pastor at 'The Village Baptist Church' and RCCP Director of Training & Coaching Support

Enduring & Defending as a Soldier of Christ (Ep. 93)
Guest: Dr. Sonny Hernandez, Director of Reforming America Ministries

In Defense of God and Country (Ep. 92)
Guest: Jason B. Ladd, Author & Apologist

Doing Aopologetics in the Military (Ep. 91)
Guest: Jay Medenwaldt, Director of Apologetics Awareness

The Occult & The Reformation (Ep. 90)
Guest: Ken Samples, Philosopher & Theologian (Reasons to Believe)

The Dark Side of the Force (Ep. 89)
Guest: Marcia Montenegro, New Age, Occult, and Eastern Religion Specialist (Christians Answers for the New Age)

Misconceptions Surrounding Halloween (Ep. 88)
Guest: Anna Kitko, Chapter Director & Cults and New Religions Specialist (Ratio Christi)

On Location (Part 3): 24th Annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics (Ep. 87)
Guests: Students, Chapter Directors, Scholars, and Professors!

On Location (Part 2): 24th Annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics (Ep. 86)
Guests: Students, Chapter Directors, Scholars, and Professors!

On Location (Part 1): 24th Annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics (Ep. 85)
Guests: Students, Chapter Directors, Scholars, and Professors!

The Problem of Pain & Suffering (Ep. 84)
Guest: Dr. R. Scott Smith, Professor of Ethics & Christian Apologetics (Biola University)

Dealing Personally with the Problem of Pain & Suffering (Ep. 83)
Guest: Chris Van Allsburg, Chaper Director (Ratio Christi)

For those living in darkness... Let There Be Light (Ep. 82)
Guest: Sam Sorbo, Producer / Co-writer, 'Let There Be Light'

The Need for Apologetics in Churches (Ep. 81)
Guest: Dr. Doug Potter, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program and Assistant Professor of Apologetics & Theology (

Apologetic Discipleship in the Church (Ep. 80)
Guest: Thomas McCuddy, Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church (Dublin, NC) & Professor of Apologetics (Carolina College of Biblical Studies)

Why Your Church Needs Apologetics (Ep. 79)
Guest: Tricia Scribner, Author of LifeGivers Apologetics & Online teacher of, Why I Still Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

Why Should a Christian Care About Yom Kippur? (Ep. 78)
Guest: Eric Chabot, Full-time Mission Worker (CJF Ministries) & Chapter Director at Ohio State University (Ratio Christi)

Yom Kippur Without a Temple (Ep. 77)
Guest: Brian Crawford, Project Director (Chosen People Answers)

Atonement for Jewish People through the Jewish Messiah (Ep. 76)
Guest: Robert Walter, Brooklyn Branch Director (Chosen People Ministries)

Helping Your Grandchild Grow a Stronger Faith (Ep. 75)
Guest: Dan Britton, Pastor of Equipping & Apologetics (Hill Country Fellowship - Burnet, TX)

Apologetics Solutions for Grandparents (Ep. 74)
Guest: Tom Griffin, Project Manager & 'Truth Matters' Syndication Manager (Ratio Christi)

Intentional Grandparenting (Ep. 73)
Guest: Michael Bossman, Vice President of Strategic Parnerships (Ratio Christi)

The Wise Apologist (Ep. 72)
Guest: Dr. Clay Jones, Associate Professor of Christian Apologetics (Biola Univ.) & Chairman of the Board of Directors (Ratio Christi)

Key to Effective Apologetics: Partnering with Others (Ep. 71)
Guest: Ross Hickling, Vice President of Campus Operations (Ratio Christi)

The Strategic-Pastoral Nature of High School Apologetics Ministry (Ep. 70)
Guest: Joe Whitchurch, National Chapter Communications Director & Regional Director for Indiana and Ohio (Ratio Christi)

The 'Good Life' According to Mormonism (Ep. 69)
Guest: Dr. Corey Miller, President & CEO (Ratio Christi)

Logical Fallacies in Mormon Teachings (Ep. 68)
Guest: Dr. Lynn K. Wilder, Professor & Co-Founder of Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus

Is a Mormon a 'Christian'? (Ep. 67)
Guest: Matt Schmidt, Director of Chapter Formation & Vice President of Human Resources (Ratio Christi)

Adha in the Injeel (Ep. 66)
Guest: Fouad Masri, Pastor, Author, Lecturer, and Founder of Crescent Project

Eid al-Adha: A Gospel Opportunity (Ep. 65)
Guest: Jonathan McLatchie, Christian Writer & International Speaker

How to Witness to Muslims During Eid (Ep. 64)
Guest: Stephanie Potts, Missionary (Haven Ministry)

Faith & Doubt: Friends or Foes? (Ep. 63)
Guest: Dr. Travis Dickinson, Associate Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics

Doubting What You Think About Doubt (Ep. 62)
Guest: Blake Anderson, Chief Operating Officer (Ratio Christi)

Diagnosing Doubt: Addressing Misconceptions About Doubt (Ep. 61)
Guest: Hillary Morgan Ferrer, Founder of Mama Bear Apologetics

The Most Important Thing Your Children Need to Stand Strong in a Secular World (Ep. 60)
Guest: Dr. Nancy Pearcey, Author of Total Truth and Finding Truth

Apologetics for Moms (Ep. 59)
Guest: Cathryn Buse, Christian Apologist & Author of Teaching Others to Defend Christianity

Logical Faith Parenting (Ep. 58)
Guest: Kim Van Vlear, Director of DeepRoots Bible Curriculum

The Intellectual Challenge of the Gospel (Ep. 57)
Guest: Dr. Philip R. Olsson, Instructor at Providence Academy (Green Bay, WI)

Engaging Culture Today (Ep. 56)
Guest: James Pannafino, Regional Director of New York (Ratio Christi)

Evangelism 101: The Basics (Ep. 55)
Guest: Mark McGee, Regional Director of Alabama (Ratio Christi)

Why Does God Allow Evil? (Ep. 54)
Guest: Dr. Clay Jones, Associate Professor of Christian Apologetics (Biola Univ.) & Chairman of the Board of Directors (Ratio Christi)

Is the 'Problem of Evil' Actually Evidence for God? (Ep. 53)
Guest: Matt Schmidt, Director of Chapter Formation & Vice President of Human Resources (Ratio Christi)

Why the Problem of Evil is Not Really a Problem for Christianity (Ep. 52)
Guest: John Henson, M.A. in Apologtics (Biola University)

Addressing the Most Common Objections Against the Christian God (Ep. 51)
Guest: Dr. Khaldoun A. Sweis, Tutor at Oxford University & Associate Professor of Philosophy (Olive-Harvey College)

Christian Identity and the College Student (Ep. 50)
Guest: Mark S. Phillips, Assistant Chapter Director at Marshall University (Ratio Christi)

What You Need to Know Before You Talk to an Atheist (Ep. 49)
Guest: Tricia Scribner, Author of LifeGivers Apologetics & Online teacher of Why I Still Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

How Does the Traditional Story of the Origins of Islam Compare to History, Archaeology, and Science? (Ep. 48)
Guest: Dr. Daniel Janosik, Apologetics Professor, Adjunct Faculty at and

The Basics to Understanding Islam (Ep. 47)
Guest: Steven Garofalo, Author, Speaker, and Teacher

Sharing the Gospel with Muslims (Ep. 46)
Guest: Darryl Giles, Pastor & Christian Apologist

Beauty is Real (Ep. 45)
Guest: Dr. John Mark Reynolds, President of The Saint Constantine School

Christ is Lord of the Arts (Ep. 44)
Guest: Scarlett Clay, Artist & Chapter Director at University of Texas - Austin (Ratio Christi)

Love the Lord with All Your Art (Ep. 43)
Guest: Rachel Shockey, Artist & Director of Development for the International Society of Women in Apologetics

How Should a Christian Respond to the Gay Revolution? (Ep. 42)
Guest: Dr. Michael L. Brown, Founder of FIRE School of Ministry

Sexual Morality, Natural Law, and God (Ep. 41)
Guest: Adam Tucker, Director of Missions & Evangelism (Southern Evangelical Seminary)

Helping the Next Generation to Understand Sexuality and Gender from a Biblical Worldview (Ep. 40)
Guest: Michael C. Sherrard, Pastor, Author, and Co-creator of Ratio Christi College Prep

The Power of Prayer at the University (Ep. 39)
Guest: Dr. Erica Carlson, Professor of Physics (Purdue University)

Prayer & Revival on College Campuses (Ep. 38)
Guest: Chris Ngai, Visionary & Pray-er

Why Should the Church Pray for the College Campus? (Ep. 37)
Guest: Julie Loos, Director of Prayer & Community Outreach (Ratio Christi)

Hitler's Religion: The Twisted Beliefs that Drove the Third Reich (Ep. 36)
Guest: Dr. Richard Weikart, Professor of History (California State University - Stanislaus)

The Holocaust as an Idea and a Terror with Consequences (Ep. 35)
Guest: Dr. Barry Leventhal, Distinguished Senior Professor (Southern Evangelical Seminary)

Ideas Have Consequences (Ep. 34)
Guest: Dr. Kathryn V. Camp, Apologist

The Moral Arena Evidence for the Existence of God (Ep. 33)
Guest: Jonathan McLatchie, Biologist & Apologist

Are Science and Religion at War? (Ep. 32)
Guest: Jon Meyer, Chapter Director (Ratio Christi)

Conversations on Science and Faith (Ep. 31)
Guest: Melissa Cain Travis, Assistant Professor of Christian Apologetics (Houston Baptist University)

The Purpose and Evidence for Christ's Death and Resurrection (Ep. 30)
Guest: Alex McFarland, Director of the Center for Apologetics & Christian Worldview (North Greenville University)

Justice, Mercy, and Grace (Ep. 29)
Guest: Michael Bossman, Vice President of Campus Operations & Strategic Initiatives (Ratio Christi)

Why Christ Had to Die & Why God Must Punish Sin! (Ep. 28)
Guest: Neil Mammen, Chief Technologist (Tentmaker Systems)

Free Speech and the Law (Ep. 27)
Guest: Aaron Marshall, Attorney & Chapter Director at University of North Carolina - Wilmington (Ratio Christi)

Academic Freedom vs. Ideological Fascism (Ep. 26)
Guest: Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Understanding & Standing Firm (Ep. 25)
Guest: Abigail Hohenstreet, Teaching Apologist & Crisis Counselor (University of California - Berkeley)

Clarifying the Case for Life (Ep. 24)
Guest: Dr. John D. Ferrer, Educator & Mentor (Central Students for Life)

Loving the Least of These (Ep. 23)
Guest: Lori Peters, Regional Director of Northern New England (Ratio Christi)

A Basic Case for Life (Ep. 22)
Guest: Dr. Darren Williams, Faculty Advisor & Chapter Director at Sam Houston State University (Ratio Christi)

Can We Trust the New Testament? (Ep. 21)
Guest: Dr. Michael J. Kruger, Professor of New Testament & Early Christianity          

Is the New Testament Reliable? (Ep. 20)
Guest: Clark Bates, Apologist & Public Speaker

Bible Reliability: Simply the Facts (Ep. 19)
Guest: John Mays, Chapter Director at Marshall University (Ratio Christi)

Evidence from Science that God Exists (Ep. 18)
Guest: Dr. Michael G. Strauss, Physics Professor

The Existence of God: A Philosopher's Take (Ep. 17)
Guest: Conor Anderson, Lecturer in Philosophy (Univ. of San Diego) & Chapter Director at Univ. of California - San Diego (Ratio Christi)

Is There Evidence to 'Prove' that God Exists? (Ep. 16)
Guest: Rob Lundberg, Chapter Director at Germanna Community College (Ratio Christi)

The Youth Exodus As Seen in the Beliefs of Emerging Adults (Ep. 15)
Guest: Steve Cable, Senior Vice President of Probe Ministries

The Youth Exodus: Why the Solutions Won't Be That Simple (Ep. 14)
Guest: Ryan Huxley, RC Boosters' Youth Study Leader

Why Young People Leave Church: Causes & Solutions (Ep. 13)
Guests: Julie Loos, Director of RC Boosters (Ratio Christi), and Hillary Morgan Ferrer (Founder of Mama Bear Apologetics)

Challenges to Darwin's Tree of Life (Ep. 12)
Guest: Dr. Paul A. Nelson, Senior Fellow (Discovery Institute)

Darwin Was An Ideological Figurehead, Not A Scientist (Ep. 11)
Guest: Dr. J.C. Sanford, Courtesy Associate Professor, Plant Biology Section (Cornell University)

Darwinism and Discernment (Ep. 10)
Guest: Hillary Morgan Ferrer, Founder of Mama Bear Apologetics

Objective Morality (Ep. 9)
Guest: Adam Lloyd Johnson, Chapter Director at University of Nebraska (Ratio Christi)

A Response to Moral Relativism (Ep. 8)
Guest: Steven Garofalo, Speaker, Author, and Teacher (

The Absolute Truth About Moral Relativism (Ep. 7)
Guest: Ben Jones, Certified Apologetics Instructor (

Are Miracles Fact or Fiction? (Ep. 6)
Guest: Dr. Craig Keener, Distinguised Professor of New Testament

Are Miracles Possible? (Ep. 5)
Guest: Dr. Joseph Bergeron, M.D., Specialist: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Are Miracles Fact or Fiction? (Ep. 4)
Guest: Joe Whitchurch, Regional Director of Indiana & Ohio (Ratio Christi

What is Truth? (Ep. 3)
Guest: Dr. Corey Miller, President & CEO of Ratio Christi

Why Apologetics? (Ep. 2)
Guest: Michael Sherrard, Director (Ratio Christi College Prep)

Why Apologetics? (Ep. 1)
Guest: Julie Loos, Director of Boosters (Ratio Christi)

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