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University of Alabama at Huntsville

  • Age of the Earth: Does it Matter?

    This spring semester RC-UAH will be looking one of the top three most controversial topics in Christianity (one of the other two, is Calvinism; the other is up for debate): the Age of the Earth.   More

  • Ducking the Context: Missing the Bigger Issue

    The current Phil Robertson controversy continues to grow.   In addition to him bring fired for stating that homosexuality is a sin, there are questions regarding whether he made racist remarks.  All of this is being presented as a freedom of speech issue.  Only, it's not.   More

  • Duck vs Goose: Contrasting Moralities

    Hitting the headlines late yesterday, Phil Robertson of the TV reality show, “Duck Dynasty,” is being banned from future recordings of the show for expressing his beliefs on the immorality of homosexual practices to GQ magazine.   More

  • Bad Arguments Used By Atheists

    This is by no means a sweeping statement about all atheists.  I've many several who can have a reasonable, logical, and honest conversation.  But there are significant examples, such as "United Atheists of America" who are decidedly "Anti-theists" who promote lies to justify their positions.   More

  • Looking forward to the Spring

    We've wrapped up another semester!  As the holidays come near, I'm looking ahead to the Spring term.  I'm finalizing all the details over the new few weeks, and we have many great things, including some surprises, in store.   More