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  • Become a Well Rounded Apologist

    Apologetics covers every area of life because the Bible connects to every area of life.  With so many areas to learn, it can become overwhelming.   More

  • The Old vs New Testament

    Answering the question, “How can there be one moral standard in the Old Testament and another in the New Testament?”   More

  • Universal Moral Laws: Judging Nations

    This continues our tour of universal moral laws.  This time we’ll look at how God judged nations other than Israel to show the universal moral standard they are held to.   More

  • Universal Moral Laws: Pre-Moses

    I’ve alluded to the universal moral law standard in past posts.  It’s time to flesh it out.   More

  • Universal Moral Laws: Abominations

    Abominations are horrible sins in God's sight.  Because of this, we may think they apply to everyone.  You might be surprised to hear that it's not that simple.   More

  • Who Does the Mosaic Law Apply To?

    The Mosaic Law was written with a purpose for a specific time and a specific people.  We cannot legitimately apply them to all people.   More

  • What do We do with Old Testament laws?

    As our culture becomes more hostile to Christianity, Christians need to know how to answer the question: How do Christians know which morals expressed in the Old Testament no longer apply?  This is a question that Christians have been mocked and discredited because there are few consistent answers.   More

  • Why are Christians so Obsessed with Politics?

    A common accusation is that Christians are too political.  Some suggest that churches that focus on politics turn people off to Christianity, making politics a distraction from the church's real message: the Gospel.   More

  • Some Things to Expect After College

    Your college years are the beginning of the rest of your life, as they say.  You're finally independent, making your choices for yourself, and learning about things you've never even heard of before.   More

  • Moral Credibility

    As summer break comes in coming weeks, many will be heading out on vacation.  There's a new trend in Christian circles that can kill your credibility to others.

    Some argue that morality is just making mountains out of molehills.  However, even those who think moral issues are often blown out of proportion recognize that a person's character impacts how much you trust them.    More

  • Making Most of the Time You Have

    Managing time was one of the greatest challenges for college students.  Freedom to choose what to do and more opportunities than you know what to do with ends up with a very full semester.   More

  • That's Not The Only Answer

    Christians can get stumped when they someone offers an alternative answer to a question.  There's an easy way to respond.   More

  • Branching Out in Apologetics

    A common mistake in apologetics is to get frustrated when other people are not where you are in their interests.   More

  • Intelligent Design Needs to Champion Micro-evolution

    Most people seem to be unfamiliar with what the Intelligent Design movement actually teaches.  For those who are familiar with it, their arguments are good, but they could do more to get their message across.   More

  • Atheist Q&A at a Frank Turek Event

    I recently attended Frank Turek's "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" event at SMU (Southern Methodist University) in Dallas.  The local Ratio Christi chapter co-sponsored the event so I was eager to attend.   More

  • "Thou Shalt Not Judge"?

    In a society that is becoming more accepting of immoral behavior, the claim that Jesus told Christians not to judge is being used frequently to try to force Christians to have a "live and let live attitude."  How can we be ready to respond to these situations?   More

  • Book Review - Cultural Captives

    There are not many books out there that offer in depth research on what the cultural trends are and then compare it to the other studies that are out there in order to get greater perspective, but this one does.   More

  • Feeding Yourself Good Books

    One of my goals in doing apologetics is finding solid and helpful books on any number of topics.  An old truism is, "Leaders are readers."  So how do we find good books and avoid bad ones?   More

  • The Missing Ingredient to Good Apologetics

    I'm in a winter term class on discipleship, taught by a guy who has been making disciples of college students for longer than I've been alive. Lots of great insights. Probably the #1 take away is something that is surprisingly very simple, yet very hard for many to do consistently.   More

  • Shaping your Worldview

    I was recently asked what books helped shape my worldview other than the Bible.  After thinking it over, I was surprised to find out that books were not as influential as I thought they would be.   More