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  • Do Miracles Impede Good Science? Part 3

    “A God that intervenes in His creation is an untrustworthy Creator because it would interfere with scientific experiments and seriously erode any confidence we may have in our conclusions.”  This is essentially the challenge from a friend of mine.  I addressed the possibility of miracles in Part 1 and   More

  • Do Miracles Impede Good Science? Part 2

    How does science work in a universe open to miracles? First, are miracles even remotely possible? We looked at that in Part 1 and I made the argument that this depends on whether our universe is a closed or open system. A closed system acts like a black box where nothing goes in our out of the box. Scientists can assume this, but they have no ground to stand on since the claim is purely metaphysical. No test...   More

  • Do Miracles Impede Good Science?

    I’ve been discussing an interesting challenge from a friend who holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics.  He believes that miracles (if they happen) would make science impossible.  Furthermore, he states that a Creator who intervenes in his creation would be a malicious trickster and untrustworthy.  What should be the Christian’s response to this?  Do miracles destroy the ability to do good science?  Is a Creator that intervenes in his creation a trickster that...   More

  • Sixty Six Thousand Repetitions Make One Truth

    If we keep repeating something over and over, it will be true, right?

    Before you answer, “Of course not!” consider modern evolutionary theory and the said purpose of life – survival.  Ok, now keep that in your mind while I draw a connection between a recent article on human sexual selection and Brave New World.  The similarities should frighten you.   More

  • The Lord's Prayer in Islam? Issa's Prayer: Part 2

    The main reason for this blog was to bring to attention something that you may not know.  The first part of this blog showed the similarities between the Jesus of the New Testament and the Jesus of the Quran.  Most of those are well known among Christian Apologists.  If you are going to interact with Muslims, I would suggest that you memorize some of those basic points.  Now, I want to share something that I found very interesting.

    There is a certain text in the...   More

  • Issa's Prayer

    I was recently doing some research on the Jesus of Islam and I ran across something very interesting.  This was a new discovery for me.  If you witness to Muslims, it has significant ramifications for how you can introduce Muslims to the Jesus of the New Testament.

    First, I should point out that there are many similarities between the Quran and the New Testament regarding the person of Christ.  A good apologetic strategy should take these into account.  If...   More

  • What About Those Who Have Not Heard

    Guest Blogger: Sam Keane

    I’d like to answer the argument against biblical Christianity that goes something like this:

    If faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to God, then what about those who have not heard about Jesus? Aren’t all religions the same, and aren’t t...   More

  • Debunking the Debunkers

    I have a confession to make - I subscribe to several atheist blogs. 

    I do this for several reasons.  I think Christians should challenge and test their faith.  Truth should be our goal, and if Christianity is not supported by the facts, then we are to be pitied as fools.  Another good reason for reading these blogs is that I learn their arguments, and that enables me to fulfill Peter 3:16 and always be ready with an answer.   More

  • When It Comes Down to It

    Philosophers discuss it. Scientists theorize about it. Have you ever entertained the question of what makes people human? What sets us apart from animals?

    Is it:   More

  • Crazy, Little Thing Called Vole?

    Has humanity fallen so far, that we don't even know what love is anymore?

    Apparently that is the case.  Fortunately, scientists are on the job and an answer will be forthcoming.   More

  • Did You Run the Experiment?

    If it's one thing Christians hear all the time, it's that faith is believing in something for which you don't have evidence.

    Our culture reinforces this motif by equating all religions as equal.  I guess that would be fairly accurate if religion was just believing in things that had no support.  Religion would just be a blind groping in the dark, regardless of your beliefs.   More

  • Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts

    We witnessed a "miracle" last week at the University of Kentucky - students braving the frigid temperatures to hear Dr. Craig Keener discuss his research on miracles.

    Seriously, it was cold.  My hands became claws walking from the car to the Whitehall classroom building. 

    Fortunately, the room was warm and the conversation on miracles was stimulating.   More

  • Army of Straw Men

    Have you ever picked a fight with a scarecrow? 

    I hope not. 

    If they are anything like the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, it would be a short fight.  You would probably look like a deranged bully and no one would take you seriously.  Imagine how weird it would be if you made your own straw man, and then went about taunting it and knocking it over.  Crazy would be an understatement.   More

  • The In-Credibility of Miracles

    Do miracles really happen, or are they just coincidences and clever tricks?

    The topic of miracles has been hotly debated for centuries.  Christians often appeal to miracles as confirmation for their faith.  After all, miracles were a crucial component in the ministry of Jesus.  John 20:31 says that Jesus performed miracles so

    that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name.&...   More

  • Ambassador Award

    College is full of temptations. 
    Drinking, drugs, parties, and about any deviant behavior you can imagine are embraced as “freedom.” 
    It’s also the first time many will be away from home.    More

  • The Jesus Germ Theory: Part 2

    In Part 1, we looked at the basic assumption of “The Jesus Germ Theory.”  This theory assumes that God must fill an arbitrary list of requirements in order to be God.  Jesus did not reveal the knowledge of germs to the ancient near eastern peoples, therefore Jesus was not God.  We broke Richard Carrier's argument into a simple syllogism:   More

  • The Jesus Germ Theory: Part 1

    What do you get when you take a little fallacious reasoning, add a straw man, and then mix in a total misunderstanding of who Jesus was?  You get the "Jesus Germ Theory.”

    What you are about to read, is an actual argument against the divinity of Jesus.   More

  • Hume's Kalaam-ity

    How can an argument against miracles bolster a popular argument used by Christian Apologists? 

    Centuries ago, the skeptic David Hume made an argument that many skeptics hold in high praise.  His argument against miracles still holds favor with those that are skeptical of any miraculous claim - especially miracles recorded in the Bible.  This argument was presented in An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding:   More