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  • A Match Made in Heaven? How the National Day of Reason Actually Points to God's Existence

    Reason. According to Merriam-Webster, it is “the power of the mind to think and understand in a logical way.”1 This intellectual power is often championed by atheistic thinkers and spurned by many who consider themselves to be religious or spiritual (including many Christians unfortunately). The atheistic community often characterizes itself as the bastion of reason. Today’s National Day of Reason, led by the American Humanist Association and th...   More

  • Faith: Superstition or Substance?

    I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan. While I don’t own a bullwhip, I do have an Indy style fedora hanging on the lamp stand in my office. I don’t advocate many of his moral choices, but he has great adventures that make for fun movies. My favorite is the third installment, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.1 The film chronicles the tale of Indy and his father, played by Sean Connery, searching for the mythical holy grail while being pestered...   More

  • True Freedom

    We recently celebrated our nation’s 238th birthday with great pomp and circumstance, fireworks, hotdogs, and parades. With all the problems we have in this nation, I still believe we are one of the greatest nations in the world, and it is good for us to celebrate the freedom God has allowed us to enjoy. As Americans, we cherish our freedom. We sing “let freedom ring,” and we fight for the freedom of others.

    Strangely, in the midst of celebrating and valuing our fr...   More

  • Eternal Matter(s) Revisited: Still the Impossible God of Mormonism

    In our last post we began an examination of the philosophical impossibility of the Latter-Day Saint (a.k.a. Mormon) view of God and how such a view is actually quite similar to, and suffers from the same problems as, the view of an eternally/necessarily existing universe/multiverse held by the likes of atheist Richard Carrier. Recall that Latter-Day Saint founder Joseph Smi...   More

  • Eternal Matter(s): The Impossible God of Mormonism

    As a follow up to our chapter's cross-examination of the doctrines and theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a. Mormons), I wanted to delve a little deeper into the philosophical problems with their conception of God. For proper context, please note that Latter-Day Saints believe in continued special revelation, and their leadership, whether it be their president or their apostles, speak authoritatively.   More

  • Revenge of Objectivity: Preunderstanding, Presuppositions, and First Principles (Part 1)

    The following is a paper I delivered at the 2013 International Society of Christian Apologetics conference. Please note that the paper is a critique of the claims that objective knowledge of the biblical text is impossible. Please do not be confused, due to the multi part nature of the posts, and think that I agree with the notion of the sociology of knowledge or that objective understanding is impossible. The critique will come in due time.   More

  • The Jesus Myth? A Response to Richard Carrier (Part 5)

    My apologies for the long delay in completing the series. Much has happened since my last post that is not pertinent to the topic at hand. This final part will be short and sweet. By way of review, we have examined Dr. Richard Carrier's claims that Christianity evolved from polytheism (PART 1), of similarities between Christianity and other pagan beliefs   More

  • The Jesus Myth? A Response to Richard Carrier (Part 2)

    In PART 1 of my response to Dr. Richard Carrier's Feb. 21, 2013 UNCG presentation about the Jesus who never really existed I discussed the materialistic/naturalistic/atheistic worldview through which Dr. Carrier is examining the relevant evidence. I also discussed his charges of Christianity being a syncretistic version of Judaism and the surrounding Hellenistic/pagan be...   More

  • The Jesus Myth? A Response to Richard Carrier (Part 1)

    On Feb. 21, 2013 I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Richard Carrier, popular author and internet atheist, for the second time at UNC Greensboro. The UNCG Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics club invited him to present his case for why the historical Jesus never really existed and is actually only a myth. In Dr. Carrier's defense, I understand that he could not present a solid and complete case for his thesis in an hour long presentation. While much of what Dr. Carrier said sounds completel...   More

  • What is Ratio Christi?

    by Adam Tucker, Ratio Christi Chapter Director at University of North Carolina Greensboro

    For those of you who don't know, Ratio Christi is a national organization that starts and runs student apologetics (that's defending the Christian faith) clubs on university campuses. So, much like CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) or Baptist Campus Ministry, we meet weekly with students except we only focus on apologetics issues like the existence of God, the reliability of the...   More

  • It Should Never have Come to That Point

    From our outgoing student president:

    I can still hear my youth pastor saying, “One in every three of you sitting in this room will walk away from church once you move to college.” I remember thinking he was off his rocker; I mean that’s ridiculous, right? We’ve been in church all our lives; it has become our deeply entrenched routine. What curveball could college possibly throw so that we would walk away from Christ and his church? The answer isn’t a s...   More

  • I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Part 1)

    Does truth exist? Does God exist? Are miracles possible? Is the New Testament historically reliable? Is Christianity actually true?

    Dr. Frank Turek, coauthor of I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist will be presenting part one of his engaging presentation by the same name. Part one answers the questions "Does truth exist?" and "Does God exist?" Whether you're a skeptic who likes to think about these issues, an atheist who likes a good challenge, an adherent to...   More