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Ratio Christi (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’) is a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ. Bringing together faith and reason to establish the intellectual voice of Christ in the University, Ratio Christi is planting student led apologetics clubs at universities around the world. Students, engaged in the battle for the mind, learn to defend God's existence, the reliability of the Bible, and the fact of Christ’s resurrection. Click on the following link for a short introductory video

We are currently seeking students who are interested in joining us for the Fall 2018 semester. Meetings will be held on a weekly basis, which will include a group discussion and may also include a guest speaker. Ratio Christi is a student led organization with the goal of defending truth and Christianity. Our goal is to provide college students with apologetics training and an atmosphere for discussing, challenging, and defending the Christian faith. Please contact us if you have questions and are interested in participating. You can email us by clicking on the following link

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  • Great Interview Happened with 6 RC people on "iWork4Him" Streaming Radio!

    Six representatives of Ratio Christi were interviewed in a live August 25, 2017 radio and streaming internet program with the ministry "iWork4Him." The interview included students and leaders from Appalachian State University, Winthrop University, University of South Florida at Tampa, Colorado State University, and our RC Prof ministry. All came on the air to explain what we do at Ratio Christi, why w...   More

    Posted On: Aug 25, 2017

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