My name is Holly Morgan and I am a senior mass communication student at Winthrop University. This semester, I am taking a Religion course on the Old Testament. The aim of the course is to give students a basic understanding of the Old Testament and how to interpret the text. Obviously, the information presented in class must be taken with a grain of salt because Winthrop is a liberal arts university. As much as I like to joke that the course is heretical, it is my favorite class at Winthrop, even surpassing mass communication classes. It is my favorite because it challenges me to prepare a defense every week for my beliefs, thus, it strengthens my faith and I grow in sanctification. Also, the course has illuminated the beauty and richness of the Old Testament that I would have missed had I not taken the course. Prior to taking the couse, I had not studied the Old Testament in depth before. Thanks to the course, I have a deeper appreciation for the laws and commandments in the Old Testament as well as for the editors of the Old Testament. 

A few weeks into the semester, the class had its first exam. On the day the professor passed back the graded exams, he took a few minutes to read aloud to the class his favorite responses to the essay prompts. My response to the first essay prompt was one of his favorites. He liked my response for its clarity, but said it was a little, "churchy." "Churchy," he described, meant it was an answer that sounded more like a church sermon than a college essay, yet he still gave me an A on for my answer.  

Pictured below is the essay prompt as well as my answer. I hope this helps any liberal art university student trying to figure out how to give an answer when your professor asks leading questions like this one.