In addition to the college ministry of Ratio Christi at Winthrop University, it has been a blessing to have the most awesome high school students as a part of Ratio Christi College Prep- York County, meeting in our home to dig deep and to get training in how to defend and live out the faith! The goal of RC College Prep is to help students become equipped in an encuraging environment so that they can engage the culture. It's been a year and half of meeting with high schoolers in our home weekly diving deep into biblical worldview issues and training these awesome young people to defend the Christian Faith. Nick Kendrick was a part of RC College Prep and now as a freshman at the University of South Carolina is a student leader in the university's Ratio Christi chapter. He is making an impact in his new church home and community- sharing the Gospel and the message of how apologetics is crucially needed in this post-modern culture at our universities. We love Nick and his family and are so inspired by his enthusiam! Below is a short testimony in Nick's own words of how being a part of RC College Prep prepared him for not only standing strong for Christ in college but to be an ambassador for Christ on the campus!

"Throughout my first semester of college, I have seen people of all different types of faith. I have seen Jews, I have seen Muslims, I have seen Jehovas Witnesses, I have seen Christians, I have seen “Christians”, I have seen atheists, and I have even seen agnostics at some points. All of these people believe that they know truth to a certain extent, and one can easily see all these ideologies as the same. This prompts Christians (and even people of other faiths sometimes) to question whether what they believe is true or not. This question is of the utmost importance, especially for Christians who make the claim that their religion is true and other religions are false. In the words of C.S. Lewis, “Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance, the only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” This is why the question of whether or not Christianity is true is so important. It settles the question of where we get our values from and how we are to conduct our lives.

This semester at Ratio Christi, I have had the opportunity to have numerous meaningful discussions with people, some Christians and some not, who in the end really want to seek what is true. We’ve explored numerous topics about the Bible, Christianity, and the reliability of it all. These topics have been extremely edifying to our minds and souls, and have been constructive to allowing us to develop a more biblical worldview.

I find what we’re doing with Ratio Christi at the college level to be similar to Ratio Christi College Prep (the portion of the Ratio Christi ministry dedicated to preparing high school students for the secular worldviews on college campuses and in the world.) Ratio Christi College Prep is rooted in its dedication to young people who either want to know more about the Christian faith or who want to be able to strengthen their faith. In an increasingly secular world, it is vital that the next generation be taught how to defend their faith, so that when the questions come (not if), they will be prepared to give a defense to the faith they have, as is commanded to us in 1 Peter 3:15. Such a large number of college age students abandon their faith when they leave for college, largely because they are incapable of giving a defense for the hope they have, and naturally abandon their faith under the questioning of it. As sad as it is, it’s true. Young people are often sent to college and out into the world without knowing why they believe what they do, making them susceptible to what the world has to offer. This is what makes the ministry of Ratio Christi College Prep so important. There are few others like it, making it that much more important to the development of a Christian worldview in people just like me.

Ratio Christi College Prep, as well as Ratio Christi have played a significance role in allowing me to give a defense to Christianity and the ideas it teaches. It is amazing how many people you encounter who will listen when you speak. These conversations are vital to have, because they can plant seeds. Even though practically no one will walk away from one conversation radically changed ready to commit their life to Jesus, the mission is to plant seeds. Whether those seeds sprout or not we may never know, but that is not what matters. What matters is that we are allowing God to work in us to advance his kingdom. Though apologetics might not be enough for everyone, it is a step in the right direction, and is all apart of planting seeds that have the potential to be sprouted in various ways. God works in so many ways, and it is extremely evident to me that his work is being done through Ratio Christi as well as Ratio Christi College Prep!"

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