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National Conference on Christian Apologetics

Cold Case Christianity -

Date: Oct. 13, 2017 - Oct. 14, 2017

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

For 25 years, Southern Evangelical Seminary has stood on the joint pillars of apologetics and evangelism. In focusing on equipping men and women to pursue a faith that thinks, the SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics was born with the purpose of equipping the church with some of the wonderful training that occurs at the seminary.

As SES celebrates its 25th anniversary, we corporately acknowledge the continued need for Christ followers to be prepared to both proclaim and defend the Gospel. Spiritual warfare is by and large a war of ideas (2 Cor. 10:3-5), and believers cannot afford to be ill-equipped. This October, learn from some of the world’s leading Christian thinkers, and experience some of the new and exciting things that are planned for the 2017 NCCA.

Featured Events:

Debate: Is There a God Who Speaks?
     Dr. Richard Howe/ Dan Barker (Co-President of the Freedom from Religion Foundation) (Oct. 13 / 6:30pm / Sanctuary)

Film Premiere: ​The God Who Speaks 
     Evidence of the Bible’s inspiration and authority through some of the most highly respected voices within evangelicalism (Oct. 13 / 2:45pm / Crown Room)

In-House Dialogue: God’s Word or Man’s Word: From Where Must Apologetics Begin?
     Dr. Richard Howe/ Ken Ham (Answers In Genesis founder) (Oct. 14 / 2:45pm / Sanctuary)

Spanish Track
     Sessions in Spanish from well qualified apologists

Additional Details

Friday: 8:30AM - 8:00PM -- Saturday: 8:30AM - 5:00PM
Location Name:
Calvary Church
5801 Pineville-Matthews Road

Charlotte, North Carolina 28226
(704) 847-5600
Admission Details:
Early-Bird Tickets: General Ad: $75 -- Students: $45 --- School group and homeschool discounts (call (800) 77-TRUTH x201)

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Speaker Information

  • Corey Miller

    Corey Miller is the President/CEO of Ratio Christi and has a PhD in philosophy and theology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

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  • Doug Potter

    Learn More »
  • Eric Chabot

    Eric is the Chapter Director for The Ohio State University and a full time missionary with CJF Ministries.

    Learn More »
  • Gary Habermas

    Habermas is Distinguished Professor of Apologetics and Philosophy and chairman of the department of philosophy and theology at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

    Learn More »
  • J. P. Moreland

    J.P. Moreland is a professor, speaker, and author who integrates Philosophy and the Christian mind with strong Christian faith.

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  • J. Thomas Bridges

    Dr. Bridges grew up in Iowa where he did his undergraduate work. After Seminary, realizing the role that philosophy plays in apologetics, he went on to graduate and doctoral work in philosophy. Dr. Bridges teaches graduate level courses in Philosophy and Systematic Theology at Southern Evangelical Seminary; he has studied Christian apologetics and philosophy for over 15 years.

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  • J. Warner Wallace

    Former cold-case homocide detective who has used his investigative skills to determine and defend the truth of Christianity

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  • John Sanford

    John Sanford is a geneticist and the Ratio Christi Chapter Director at Geneseo University in New York.

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  • Joshua Erlien

    Joshua is the Chapter Director for the UNC Charlotte chapter of Ratio Christi.

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  • Mark Phillips

    Mark is the Assistant Chapter Director of Ratio Christi at Marshall University.

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  • Richard G. Howe

    Apologist, philosopher, debater, and speaker. Professor at Southern Evangelical Seminary.

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  • Richard Land

    President of Southern Evangelical Seminary, Executive Editor of The Christian Post, and former President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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  • Steven Garofalo

    Founder and President of the National Apologetics Training Center.

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  • Timothy J. McGrew, Ph.D.

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