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Thank you for your interest in Ratio Christi at Wayne State University!

Ratio Christi is a Christian critical thinking club that specializes in apologetics, that is, on considering the truth claims of the Christian faith. We create a safe space for open discussions and friendly debates about faith, science and related topics. Christians, atheists, Muslims, students of other faiths (and of no faith) and skeptics bring much to these discussions.

Our goal is for each of us to learn from each other.

For more information or to receive an invitation to be our guest at a Brainstorming Breakfast (breakfast provided), email us at wsu@ratiochristi.org. Let us know who you are and your interest in apologetics! Note: Brainstorming breakfast invitations are limited to currently enrolled Wayne State University students (graduate or undergraduate).

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  • The Ultimate Debate: Does God Exist?

    On Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019, in the Community Arts auditorium on the Main Campus of Wayne State University, two WSU professors debated the question, "Does God Exist?"
    On the PRO side, Prof. Abert Spalding provided evidence for the existence of God. Dr. Spalding teaches in the Mike Ilitch School of Business and serves as faculty advisor and c...   More

    Posted On: Dec 27, 2018

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