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  • The Arrogance of (Christian) Religious Claims


    Is Christianity really all that different from other religions? What's so unique about the claims of Christianity? For example, how is Buddhism as a religion somehow "worse" than Christianity?

    In fact, what's a "religion" anyway? Assuming Christianity is a "religion," aren't its claims of exclusivity ("the only true way to God") arrogant?
    Toda...   More

  • What about Those Who have Never Heard the Gospel?


    In the last 50 years, the world population has doubled, to 7 billion. What happens to the billions who have not heard the Gospel?
    The standard Christian answer is that since Jesus Christ is the only way to be reconciled to God, those who have not heard the Gospel stand condemned.
    Is this arrogant? Is it fair? Is it reflective of a good, loving and just God?...   More

  • Your "Cult" is My Religion! And Vice-Versa.



    What's your definition of a "cult"?
    Followers of a weird, charismatic leader who sets the rules?
    A group of oddballs who are (or could easily become) homicidal or suicidal?
    Any organization whose beliefs are different than yours?
    What about the early Church? Were the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth a "cult"? (Some Roman and...   More

  • "Indians Slay Tigers"

    Is this an anthropological statement?
    An observation about hunting expeditions in India?
    A sports headline?
    Genre and context are crucial.
    The most ridiculous and absurd criticisms of the Bible are usually made when people take a phrase here or there out of context.  They blow it up into an entirely wrong interpretation. Like claiming "Indians Slay Tiger...   More