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  • The Case for Moral Absolutes

    Can there be such a thing as "objective" truth? If so, what is its origin? How is it derived or accessed by the human mind?

    Or, are there only opinions about truth?

    Relativism is difficult to explain, apply or defend once it is examined closely. At the end of the day, relativism, once carefully scrutinized, seems to disintegrate into some form of nihilism?

    Today at 4 pm we will try to have a conversation about relativism and objective truth. Which should be intere...   More

  • Do You have a Soul?


    Do human beings have souls? Are humans one kind of thing, or two? Are there things we know are true of mental properties that are not true of physical properties, or vice versa? What are mental states?
    It has become fashionable in some scientific circles to deny the existence of the human soul. After all, if we are little more than the result of the random collisi...   More