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  • Jesus: Smartest Man who Ever Lived?

    Was Jesus the smartest man who ever lived?

    The late Dallas Willard, who served as a professor in the School of Philosophy at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, thought so.   More

  • Are the New Testament Writings Reliable?

    Is the New Testament reliable?

    Lots of folks don’t think so.  Skeptics point to inconsistencies. Cults sometimes claim that the New Testament has been corrupted and is inferior to more recent revelations. Muslims deny its validity in comparison to the Qur’an.
    Common objections to the reliability of the New Testament include, “The New Testament was copied so many times that it can't be trusted” and “The New Testament was translated from...   More

  • Bioethical Challenges: From Fertility to Suicide

    If Christians really were pro-person and pro-life, Christians would not want to condemn people to a painful, lingering death, right?.  Besides, assuming a patient gives consent, what is the philosophical difference between allowing someone to die (which we do everyday when we remove ventilators, etc.) and giving assistance in committing suicide?
    These are good questions. Are there answers? Can, or should, improved pain relief technology be part of the conversation? If there is a...   More