Is the New Testament reliable?

Lots of folks don’t think so.  Skeptics point to inconsistencies. Cults sometimes claim that the New Testament has been corrupted and is inferior to more recent revelations. Muslims deny its validity in comparison to the Qur’an.
Common objections to the reliability of the New Testament include, “The New Testament was copied so many times that it can't be trusted” and “The New Testament was translated from Aramaic and Hebrew, to Greek, to Latin, and then to English and other languages, and along the way has become unreliable.”

In fact, New Testament copies do have textual variations. What’s more, there are indeed copyist errors in some biblical documents, and they account for many alleged contradictions. Does this then mean that we can't trust the Bible?

Learning why textual variants exist and what they are is important. Join us as we take on the subject of the reliability of the New Testament.

We'll meet on Thursday, March 27, at 4 pm in the Rands House (5229 Cass Avenue on Main Campus) conference room 103 on the first floor. (Arrive by  4:05 to enter our drawing for a free book!)

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