So, is the debate really "the Bible versus science" (as was proposed by Bill Nye in a recent televised debate with Ken Ham)?

When framed in this manner, science is often presented as an objective process that derives facts from reliable observations, independent of prejudice. Reliance upon the Bible, on the other hand, is presented as blind, unthinking, uncritical, static, and a stance that ignores the evidence.

Often, though, science is devoted a priori (i.e., as a principle of reason) to a prejudice, namely materialism. Scientists sometimes start with laws and particles in motion, and appeal to chance and law-driven behavior. Chance plus natural law becomes a substitute designer.

What happens, though, when the evidence leads in the direction of intelligent design (due to the data, which is what intelligent design proponents claim), but materialism leads in another direction (as the result of an a priori philosophical commitment)?

This is what we'll be discussing and debating on March 20 at 4 pm. Stop by and try out your arguments, or just listen in.

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We'll meet on Thursday, March 20, at 4 pm in the Rands House (5229 Cass Avenue on Main Campus) conference room 103 on the first floor.)
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