Evil exists. It has existed for millenia at least. Wars. Genocide. Torture. Murder. Rape. Oppression. Injustice. And sometimes (too often, in fact) in the name of religion.

If God is God, isn't He responsible for such evil?

Or, if such evil exists, is it even reasonable to believe in God?

More precisely: Does the amount and distribution of evil in the world, now and in the past, make it reasonable to believe that God does not exist?

Two acclaimed scholars will debate this topic on February 18 at 6 pm in the Bernath Auditorium of Wayne State University's Adamany Undergraduate Library. Dr. Bruce Russell (Professor of Philosophy, Wayne State University) will debate Dr. R. Douglas Geivett (Talbot School of Theology), on the subject of belief in God in view of rampant evil in the world. Dr. Russell will advocate for a reasonable disbelief in God, and Dr. Geivett will advocate for a reasonable belief in God, in the face of the evil in the world.

The debated will be moderated by Dr. Albert D. Spalding, Jr., faculty member of the Wayne State University School of Business Administration and co-director/faculty adviser of Ratio Christi at Wayne State University.

Plan to arrive early to get a seat at this event; the auditorium will be full. Seating is limited. Public is welcome, but Wayne State students with their OneCard student IDs -- arriving by 5:30 pm -- will have priority seating.