Do human beings have souls? Are humans one kind of thing, or two? Are there things we know are true of mental properties that are not true of physical properties, or vice versa? What are mental states?
It has become fashionable in some scientific circles to deny the existence of the human soul. After all, if we are little more than the result of the random collision of molecules over time, how could something like an eternal soul exist?
On the other hand, there are many religious, spiritual and paranormal pointers toward the notion that humans have souls. There are also some very interesting arguments that arise from philosophy and the science of mind.
Join us for an interesting defense -- and follow-up discussion -- of the idea that humans have souls. The initial presentation will be made by Dr. Albert Spalding, and will draw from the work of Dr. J. P. Moreland of Biola University.
Thursday, Feb. 20, at 4 pm. In the Rands House (5229 Cass Avenue on Main Campus) conference room 103 on the first floor. For more information see the Events tab at Light refreshments will be provided.