Ratio Christi at Wayne State University

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Dear Friend of Ratio Christi at Wayne State University,

Some people thought that when Peter Singer came to Wayne State's campus last fall to debate John Patrick, MD, a medical missionary, no one would care and no one would come. Then, when hundreds of students did flock to hear the Singer-Patrick debates, many people thought that that would be the end of it. A one-time "splashy" debate between an atheist and a follower of Christ.

Anyone who thought these things did not take into account the power of prayer. Your prayers. And mine. And those of the Christian faculty and graduate students who meet for prayer every Monday on campus. And the prayers of churches and individual Christians throughout Southeastern Michigan. We've been praying for Wayne State and for Detroit.

Thank you for your prayers. They are being answered in many ways. One of those ways, is the formation of Ratio Christi at Wayne State University. We are an apologetics club for students (Christian students, atheists, doubters and seekers) who want to explore for themselves the truth-claims of the Gospel. If you have not done so, please read more about Ratio Christ online (RatioChristi.org/WSU). Our plan is to start regular meetings of student members as early as next month (January 2012) and to be able to sponsor at least one high profile campus debate in 2012.

Even as we are starting our Wayne State chapter of RC, we need to do some fundraising. We need to purchase a table stand, an extension banner, and some other supplies so that we can have a table display for recruiting students on campus. We also need to purchase some curriculum materials (RZIM DVDs Stand to Reason materials, and apologetics books) and a data projector for our weekly apologetics training meetings. And we also need to run ads in the South End student newspaper and display ads on campus computers. Finally, we want to start a fund so that we can eventually recruit and hire a part-time trained apologist who will serve as the permanent director of Ratio Christi at Wayne State University.

Our goal for the first six months, is $6,000. Please prayerfully consider supporting us. Donations for our Wayne State chapter are made payable to Ratio Christi, and sent to the Erie, PA address above. Donations are tax deductible. Please write #460063 Wayne State University on the check memo line. Or, browse to https://sna.etapestry.com/fundraiser/RatioChristi/wsu/ to donate online. Most importantly, please keep RC@WSU in your prayers. Thank you!

Albert D. Spalding, Jr.
Faculty Advisor
, Ratio Christi at Wayne State University