Is evil real? Is it a thing?

If God created everything, and evil is a thing, did God create evil?

If God is the author (i.e., is in sovereign control) of everything, is God the author of evil?

Or, does the existence of evil disprove God?

These are the questions and issues we are discussing this Fall at our Ratio Christi at Wayne State University roundtable discussion/debate meetings at 4 pm on Thursdays.

Join us for an informal round-table discussion on the subject of evil.

We gather at 4 pm in the 103 Rands House first floor conference room, 5229 Cass Avenue (Next Door to the Purdy Library on Main Campus).

On Thursday, 10/2/2014, the topic will be The Nature of Evil.

On Thursday, 10/09/2014, the topic will be The Origin of Evil.

The discussion/debate is sponsored by Ratio Christi at Wayne State University, a student critical thinking club.

The discussion/debate will run from 4 pm to 5 pm. Everyone who arrives by 4:05 pm is eligible to enter our drawing for a free apologetics book.

This Fall’s theme, If God, Why Evil?, is in anticipation of the upcoming on-campus Debate on February 18, 2015, on the subject of Evil. The Debate will between Dr. Bruce Russell (WSU Professor of Philosophy), representing the atheist position, and Dr. R. Douglas Geivett (Biola University Professor of Philosophy), representing the theist position.