Ratio Christi at Wayne State University announces the WSU "Polemics on Faith" event, on Thursday afternoons in the Student Center Building (SCB)!

This Thursday is the first meeting of Ratio Christi at Wayne State!  If you came to any of the Video Series this past Fall or Winter in the Bernath Auditorium, you heard of this exciting new student org coming to Wayne State. Ratio Christi is a national organization, dedicated to the discussion of all things theological and philosophical.

The stated mission is Christian apologetics, and of course within that context, just about any issue can come up, and people of all worldviews are welcome to come and discuss these vital issues.

Up this week, "Is Religion Dangerous?"

Here are the rooms and topics for the next four meetings, all on Thursdays at 3:30pm;

3/22 - SCB Room 289, Is Religion Dangerous?
3/29 - SCB Room 283, Is Faith Irrational?
4/5 - SCB Room 283, Why Jesus, Instead of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?
4/12 - SCB Room 29 (basement), Is God just a Human Invention?

Hope to see you there!!