Welcome to Ratio Christi at Wayne State University!

Here's a quick update on the progress our new chapter:
  • The God Debates. Many of us knew out Christopher Hitchens' health problems when we viewed the three "God Debates" in the Bernath Auditorium this fall. But we could not have known that Hitchens, who was featured in all three debates, would die before the end of the year. A student recently told me, "well, that certainly punctuates those debates!" I had to ask: exclamation point or question mark?
  • The Open House. As a result of our open house, we are in the process of completing and submitting our charter to the Dean of Students Office. Pastor Brooks also offered to form an advisory group to help us identify and recruit a permanent director, and also to help us interact with nearby churches.
  • Fundraising. Even as we are starting our Wayne State chapter of RC, we need to do some fundraising. We need to purchase a table stand, an extension banner, and some other supplies so that we can have a table display for recruiting students on campus. We also need a data projector and we'll need to run some ads in the South End. Please prayerfully consider supporting us. Donations for our Wayne State chapter are made payable to Ratio Christi, and sent to 5531 Gardner Drive, Erie, PA 16509.  (Please write #460063 Wayne State University on the check memo line.) Or, browse to to donate online. Donations are tax deductible.

Most importantly, please keep RC@WSU in your prayers!

P.S. We've set up a Yahoo! group for those who are interested in keeping informed about our chapter. Click to join