What's your definition of a "cult"?
Followers of a weird, charismatic leader who sets the rules?
A group of oddballs who are (or could easily become) homicidal or suicidal?
Any organization whose beliefs are different than yours?
What about the early Church? Were the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth a "cult"? (Some Roman and Jewish leaders at the time thought so!)
Tomorrow at 4 pm, as part of the topic "Responding to the Cults" we'll be discussing the definition of a "cult" as proposed by Kevin Lewis. Lewis is a Christian apologist who offers a somewhat different take on the subject of cults.
Join us at 4 pm, in the Rands House (5229 Cass Avenue on Main Campus) conference room 103 on the first floor. For more information see the Events tab at RatioChristi.org/WSU.