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Open Forum: "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist"

Ratio Christi

Date: Mar. 21, 2017

Location: Detroit, Michigan

An open forum discussion of challenges to the truth claims of Christianity, drawing in part from the book by Geisler and Turek entitled "I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist."

Is there a conflict between faith and reason? Between faith and science? Or, does atheism require even more faith than belief in God?

Ratio Christi, a Christian critical thinking club, hosts an open forum where students can explore the basic claims of Christianity. This open forum is open to all, including skeptics, agnostics, people of other faiths (Islam, Buddhism, etc.).

All are welcome! Bring your questions, doubts, objections and arguments.

Students who arrive prior to 4:04 pm will be entered into a drawing for a free apologetics book. Light refreshments will be served.

Additional Details

4pm - 5 pm
Location Name:
Wayne State University Main Campus
Gullen Mall

Detroit, Michigan 48202
Student Center Building Room 384
Admission Details:
Open to students, faculty, staff and others who are interested in a genuine and informational exploration of the truth claims of Christianity. All are welcome, including atheists, skeptics, agnostics, and followers of other faith traditions (Islam, Buddhism, etc.).
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Ratio Christi

Speaker Information

  • Albert Spalding

    Dr. Spalding is Faculty Advisor and Co-Director of the Wayne State University Chapter of Ratio Christi. His is an attorney, author, ethicist and Christian apologist.. He often speaks about, and debates, apologetics and ethics topics nationally and internationally.

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