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  • 6 Verses taken out of Context

    The opening paragraph to most of my blogs is an attempt to get the reader’s attention. Most have nothing to do with the actual subject I am going to write about. Today, I spent over 30 minutes trying to come up with an original opening paragraph. As you can see, I did not come up with anything I liked. However, I am still able to end my opening with, “what does this have to do with 6 verses taken out of context and I am glad you ask!”

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  • What if? Christianity is false...

    Once upon a time, many of us believed in Santa. However, as we matured, that belief changed based on our knowledge of the truth. To some it was sad learning the truth about Santa. To others, discovering the truth was enlightening. You see, people like to think what they believe is true. Yet, simply because one believes something to be true, does not necessarily make it true. So, what does any of this have to do with Christianity being false? I'm glad you ask.

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