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RC UNH 2015-2016 Meetings - Dates, Times, Locations

It is time to begin another exciting year of Ratio Christi.  This year we will be meeting on Thursdays and Sundays.  Our first Thursday meeting is on 9/3/15 and our first Sunday meeting will be on 9/13/15.  On Thursdays we will be looking at apologetic issues.  On Sundays we will be doing an apologetic based Bible study of the Gospel of John.  In the Spring we will cover a new apolgoetic based Bible study.  We will also be meeting in two different rooms and times on these nights.  On Thursdays we will meet at 7:00pm in MUB Room 207.  On Sundays we will meet at 8:00pm in MUB Room 233.  As always, if you have any questions, shoot us an email.  We have some exciting events for this Fall and next Spring - so don't miss out!

Is the Soul Real?

First RC meeting of the semester:

Open group discussion: is the Soul Real?

GSU Student Center - Lucerne Suite


Monday, August 31st

First Meeting of Fall 2015

Please join us this Monday (Aug. 31) at 7:00pm for our first meeting of the semester. There will be fun, introductions, some challenges, and FREE pizza. Bring your questions and bring a friend!

It's a brand new year!

Welcome back to campus, students!  And welcome to campus, Freshmen!  We will begin our third year of weekly meetings on Tuesday, September 8, in room 4705 Sangren Hall.  Our first meeting will be mostly informal and consist of planning for Bronco Bash on the 11th, as well as discussing goals for outreach and taking on duties to plan for the debate next spring.  Please join us and see our new officers take charge!  On the 15th, we'll present an overview of apologetics and explain the mission and purpose of Ratio Christi at WMU.  Hope to see you all there!

Scholarship for Apologetics Conference

Are you interested in attending the National Conference on Apologetics this fall in Charolette, NC? RC South Alabama is offering two scholarships. Must hold RC membership at University of South Alabama, Faulkner State University, or Univeristy of Mobile. Email for more information.

Ratio Christi Student Groups at Purdue University

You are invited to "The Forum." The Forum is the Bi-Weekly student meeting for Ratio Christi club students and guests. It meets at the PMU outside of Starbucks. Every Other Thursday, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Fall Schedule of Informal Open Debate Topics


Informal Debate Topics at Wayne State

Thursdays 4 - 5 pm - All Welcome - Especially Atheists!

Location: Rands House on Main Campus (5229 Cass)

First Floor Conference Room 103






Causality: “ one created something out of nothing?”

04:00 PM

Rands 103


Reason: Bad religion or bad reason?

04:00 PM

Rands 103


Information & Intentionality: What holds it all together?

04:00 PM

Rands 103


Morality: Moral law without a moral law-giver? Really?

04:00 PM

Rands 103


Evil: Does evil actually disprove atheism?

04:00 PM

Rands 103


Science: Does theism actually make science possible?

04:00 PM

Rands 103


*Topics are drawn from Frank Turek’s book:
Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case (NavPress, 2014).





Attend! Argue! Make Your Point!


Athiests and Agnostics Especially Welcome!



Check out this semester’s R&D (Reading and Discussion) groups. We hope to see you there!

  • Ratio Christi Student Forum (The Forum) – Every other Thursday starting August 13th, 6pm outside of Starbucks in the PMU
  • Making Sense out of Suffering – Every Tuesday at 11:30am, location BRNG 7150
  • The Outrageous Idea of the Missional Professor – Every other Wednesday at 11:30am, 507 Waldron St. (one block west of University St.)

More Info

Purdue CFSN Luncheon August 27th, 2015

Speaker: Corey Miller, President and CEO of Ratio Christi

CFSN Luncheon August 27th, 12-1pm PMU Anniversary Drawing Room
Luncheon open to faculty, grad students, and staff


RCCP Mentor Training in Fresno, CA (Sep 18-20)

RCCP is proud to annouce our next mentor training in Freso, CA September 18-20. New Covenant Community Church is hosting the event. This is required training for all that want to work with RCCP.

For more info and to register click here