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Ryan Huxley and Hillary Ferrer Join RC Booster Team

Ratio Christi is pleased to announce the addition of two outstanding apologists and ministry friends to the network of RC Boosters. Ryan Huxley and Hillary Ferrer will be helping to promote the Ratio Christi mission and vision to churches and parents. In particular, they will be spearheading, along with Julie Loos, the Youth Exodus Project (Y.E.P.). This project is a collaborative effort of the several ministries to compile, analyze, and share all the research that has and is being done on the issue of our youth leaving the faith. The project will analyze the causes, the problem, and suggest solutions to turn the tide. Look for this team to make the project and its presentation available soon. For Ryan and Hillary's bios, see our Team page.

Marshall Blog

Starting today! The Marshall blog will be updated 3 times a week! You can read it here, on our blog site,, our Facbook page, @RC_Marshall on twitter and @John and Sherri on twitter! We look forward to sharing both apologetic information, and well, my personal thoughts on related topics!

New Prayer Requests Listed on RC Boosters Pray page

Please help cover the work we do at Ratio Christi in prayer. Pray for us intentionally and frequently. You can see updated prayer requests and ongoing requests on the Boosters Pray page. Better yet, sign up to be a prayer partner and ask others to join you.

Julie Loos named to MBC Apologetics Network

Julie Loos serves as Ratio Christi's Director of RC Boosters, the community outreach and involvement arm of the ministry. She lives in Missouri and is now part of the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network.

The Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network is a group of church leaders committed to the defense of the Christian faith and called to equip believers to more effectively share their faith.

Our Vision

Our vision is to equip every Missouri Baptist to defend the Christian faith with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15-16).

Our Mission

We are MBC-approved Christian apologists who equip others to defend the faith by speaking and providing resources that enable Missouri Baptists to become bolder and more effective in sharing Christ with others.

MBC Network Apologists

These network members are available for training events, conferences, and other speaking engagements.

Summer Meetings

We plan to continue to meet during the summer months. However, the day and time have not yet been decided. This meetings will taks place off campus and will be open to the public. Check back soon as we hope to start meeting the first week of June!

New Day for Meetings during Fall Semester!

During our last meeting of the Spring semester, the students present voted to change our meeting day to Thursday at 6:30 pm each week for the Fall semester. Please join us this Fall as we continue to learn "why" we believe what we believe!

New Club President

Ratio Christi at Marshall University has a new club President. Jon Godsey, a sophomore, will be taking the reigns immediately. This was decided at our last club meeting of the semester. Jon has been with us for over a year, and, after spending the summer at home in Charlotte NC, plans to lead us into an exciting future. After two years of serving as our President, Isaac McKown is stepping down. Isaac Has been our President since the beginning. He recently completed his graduate studies in Education. Isaac will still be joining us at our meetings while he makes plans for where God leads him next.

How Should Christians Respond to the LGBTQIA movement? - RATIO CHRISTI FINAL SEMESTER MEETING TOMORR

Tomorrow we will be having our last meeting of the semester. We will be having an open discussion on how Christians should respond to the LGBTQIA... movement; in particular, whether homosexual behavior (among others) is compatible with the Christian worldview. This is often a very heated and emotional issue, but we welcome everyone to come and share their perspectives in a respectful manner. Also, starting at 9pm following our meeting, we will be having a members meeting to discuss the fall semester plans as well as vote for student officers. If you are not a member and would like to join Ratio Christi, the only prerequisite is that you attend or plan to attend at least one meeting per semester. Becoming a member is easy:

1. Log in to

2. Click “browse organizations”

3. Find Ratio Christi

4. Join!

Anyone can become a member regardless of your religious or non-religious perspective. The perks of being a member means you are eligible to provide valued input as well as vote for student officers.

Hope to see you there tomorrow and bring friends! We will be serving pizza as well.

GSU Student Center

Lucerne Suite - 2nd floor

April 27th - 7:30 - 9:00pm

9pm members meeting to follow

Last Meetings of the Semester

April 26th will be our last regular meeting.  At 7:00pm we will discuss Judaism.  At 8:00pm we will be discussing "Did God Command Genocide?"  followed by our annual elections for student officers.

On May 3 we will have our special speaker Dave Sterrett, speaking on abortion.  Please RSVP on the Facebook Event page found on our Facebook page.  There will be FREE refreshments, a Q&A time and a special, end of the year surprise!

Is Jesus the only way to God? -Ratio Christ Open Discussion Tomorrow

Tomorrow, we will be having an open group discussion on the topic, “Is Jesus the only way to God?”  Some people believe that Jesus is the only way while others believe that there are many paths to God.  Who is right?  What did Jesus himself teach on this topic?  Everyone is welcome to join and share their perspective as we discuss this controversial topic. 

GSU Student Center
Lucerne Suite - 2nd floor
Monday, April 20th
7:30 - 9:00pm

Free refreshments will be provided.  Look forward to seeing you there!