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Ratio Christi's First Campus Event at Winthrop University

Please join Ratio Christi at Winthrop University as we hold our first public event on campus! This event is being sponsored by the Winthrop Organization of Freethinkers, a secular group, and they are giving us the open floor to make a case for God's existence! Our speaker will be Prem Isaac, graduate from Southern Evangelical Seminary and member of SES's speaking T.E.A.M. This event will take place on Tuesday, April 15th at 7:30pm and is free and open to the public. Please come out to hear some great information regarding the topic of God and Science with Q&A afterwards! Please visit for more details!

April 16th, 2014 Meeting

This week's meeting (Wednesday, 5-7 PM, Art / Soc, Rm. 2309) continues a series of video documentaries introducing some scientific arguments for theism (i.e. belief in God). This week's video will be the remainder of "The Case for a Creator" by Lee Strobel...

..., featuring interviews with a selection of world class scholars in scientific, historic and philosophic disciplines. 

At last week's meeting our atheist friend (and president of UMD's Freethought club) Micah Goldblum -- a Ph.D. candidate in mathematics -- had so many challenges to offer during the first two segments of the CFC video we couldn't get through the whole documentary.  Ergo, this week we will attempt to do so, and we won't ignore anyone else's objections either.  We will respond to as many of them as we can, as briefly as we can, and invite all challengers (as we have done at all past meetings) to continue the discussions online. 

We hope Micah (and/or other members of the UMD FTs) shows up again to keep us on our proverbial toes and we also hope he will accept our invitations on the RC-UMD Facebook page...

... to continue the dialogs we started last week. 

P.S.: Feel free to bring your own food to the meetings since we meet during typical dinner hours (5-7) when other ministries don't.

This Week's Meeting Topic (4-10-14)

This week we will be discussing the problem of evil. I hope to see many of you there. Bring your questions, concerns, and friends!

Meeting - April 7 - Does the Bible make mistakes?

Tomorrow (April 7) we will be having an open discussion on whether the Bible makes mistakes.  Many people think that it does, so we should be prepared to respond.  Are there internal contradictions?  Does it disagree with what we know from morality, science, and history? 

Same time, same place:

Student Center
Capital Suite - 220

Bring your friends!

Germanna Community College Joins the Ratio Christi Ranks

Germanna Community College in Fredericksburg was officially approved as a club in late March. Welcome to the growing ranks.

UNH Receives Approval

Congratulations to the Ratio Christi club at the University of New Hampshire as they just received their official approval from the university. Welcome to the movement!

Topic for Tonight's Meeting

Tonight, since I am in Denver preparing to present at the International Society of Christian Apologetics (ISCA) annual conference, Emily, our student president and my lovely wife will be showing a video from the Credo House website about the existence of God by Michael Patton and Tim Kimberley. It is a great and informative video, so we hope to see many of you there tonight! 5:30 pm in room 301 at Hale Library.

Trevor Ray Slone, M.Min., Chapter Director

Meeting March 24th

We will be meeting in the student center and will be having an open discussion on relativism vs. objective truth.  This issue affects everyone and it's important to recognize the differences, especially when dealing with claims of religious truth (i.e. Jesus claims to be the truth).  Hope to see you there and bring a friend!

Meeting Details

Student Center
Capital Suite 220
March 24th

Ratio Christi Constitution for KSU has been approved as is!

After waiting a month to hear whether or not the school would approve our constitution as is or whether we would have to enter a legal battle regarding a first amendment rights violation by the school, Emily (our chapter student president) received a very pleasantly worded email from the student organization office staff saying that they are going to go ahead and approve our constitution as is! We are very excited about this, as we have been having trouble finding places to meet and advertising the organization on campus because we have not been able to formally register as an official student group until now. Emily and I (Emily is also my wife) are heading back to Kansas today (we have been in Edmond, OK at the wonderful and awesome Credo House of Theology for the last few days hanging out), and we will be hopefully, Lord willing, submitting all of the necessary paperwork and constitution to the school by the end of the week, and so we should be an officially registered student group by early next week!!! PRAISE GOD!

No Meeting Tonight

Due to the university closing early because of ice, there will be no RC meeting tonight (March 17).