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Tonight - Open Discussion on the Topic of Hell

Tonight will be our last open discussion of the semester and the final part of the Tim Keller "A Reason for God" series.  We'll be openly discussing the topic of hell and considering questions like:

How can God be full of love and full of wrath at the same time?  How can God send good people to hell?

Remember, everything we do is for Christians and non-Christians.  Input is not required and you're welcome to just come and listen to the discussion.  After tonight, we won't be having a meeting until December 1st.  That night, we'll be having a party (food and maybe a game) and discussing what we want next semester to be.  This is all student run, so it's up to you to decide.  We'll also be putting together our member rosters as well as our leadership. 

Tonight, we'll be meeting at the same time and same place:

Student Center
Sinclair Suite (2nd floor)
7pm, Monday November 17

Hope to see you there and bring a friend!

This Saturday - Free Online Apologetics Event from Ole Miss (Oxford, Mississippi)

Faith, Evidence, & Ethics

Oxford, Mississippi - FREE 2014 Seminar in Christian Apologetics

Live Online Stream Available

Special event!

Don't forget our special guest, Paul Compton, on 11/23/14 as he brings the latest discoveries of ancient New Testament manuscripts and discusses their reliability.

RC Meeting November 3rd

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow, we will be having a group discussion on the topic: Why is the church responsible for so much injustice?  This will be part 5 of 6 as we finish off the "Reason for God" series.  I hope to see you all there!  Remember, we will be meeting at the Lanier Suite, which is right next door to where we usually meet.  Otherwise, same time and basically the same place!

GSU Student Center
Lanier Suite
November 3

Fall Semester Schedule

Please check our Facebook for our location. We will be meeting on and off campus.


Here is the schedule for the semester:

9/15: What is Apologetics?

9/22: What Difference Does it Make if God Exists?

9/29: Dr. Adam Groza- Pascal's Wager

10/6: Why Does Anything Exists at All? Pt.1 

10/13: Why Does Anything Exists at All? Pt. 2

10/20: Why Did the Universe Begin?

10/27: Why is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life?

11/3: Ken Jung: Jesus in the Eyes of Hindus

11/10: Can we be Good without God?

11/17: What about Suffering?

11/24: Who was Jesus?

12/1: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

12/8: Is Jesus the Only Way to God? Christmas Party!

Meeting October 20th - Why does God allow evil and suffering?

Tomorrow, October 20th, we'll be continuing the Tim Keller "Reason for God" series.  This will be an open discussion on probably the most commonly asked question as it relates to belief in God: Why does God allow evil and suffering? 

Also, i'm going to try something new.  Before we begin our primary topic, i'm going to allow anyone to ask a question or objection that relates to belief in God, faith, or Christianity.  This could be an objection you heard a professor, friend, or someone on the internet say.  Or it could just be a question you're curious about.  If you're not sure what kinds of questions i'm referring to, here's a few random examples:

"What is the Christian response to ISIS?"

"Are Mormons Christians?"

"How can we know that Jesus existed?"

"Is homosexuality a sin?"

Hope to see you there tomorrow!  Same time, same place!

GSU Student Center
Sinclair Suite
Monday, October 20

Group Discussion - "What gives Christians the right to tell me how to live my life?"

On Monday, October 13th, we'll be discussing the controversial question, "What gives Christians the right to tell me how to live my life?" Think about how you, as a Christian, would respond to this. These are objections you're likely to hear when you share the gospel with many people in our culture today, at least once you bring up the subject of sin. Like last week, we'll watch the short segment of the Tim Kellar "Reason for God" series on this topic and then discuss.

This will be an open group discussion and meeting at the usual time and place:

Monday October 13th
GSU Student Center Sinclair Suite

"How can you say there's only one way to God?" RC Meeting October 6.

Tomorrow, October 6, we will be continuing the Tim Keller "The Reason for God" video series.  The topic will be answering the objection, "How can you say there is only one way to God?"  As usual, this will be an open group discussion.  Same time, same place!  7pm in the Student Center Sinclair Suite.

Ratio Christi at Hollywood Prayer Summons

Julie Loos, Director of Ratio Christi Boosters, will represent the ministry at the Hollywood Prayer Summons, Oct. 1-5, 2014. The Summons is part of the National Day of Prayer Task Force's bus tour across America praying for Media and Entertainment. prayer leaders from around the nation as we unite in prayer for America’s Media and Entertainment. The Summons can be viewed live on line at this link.

During this time, prayer teams will be assigned to various parts of the city to pray over every key area of need throughout the region. Particpiants will have special access to behind-the-scenes areas including movie studios and will experience education on prayer, praise and worship, on-location gatherings of solemn assembly and more. Shirley Dobson will be one of the keynote speakers.

“It’s important that Christians are here in Hollywood because if we’re not here we leave this void, this hole– and we can’t expect people who don’t know Jesus to act like they know Him,” said Shun Lee, President and Creative Director of Greenhouse Productions. (As quoted on the NDOP Task Force website.)

The cultural elite are a huge mission field for Christians. Ratio Christi is preparing ambassadors for Christ through apologetics training to go into their fields of study from college and impact the world for Christ. Also, media and entertainment are a huge influence on the college students so the worldview portrayed via Hollywood impacts our youth and young adults greatly.

Ratio Christi on Stand to Reason Radio with Greg Koukl

Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason will interview Julie Loos on his radio show Tuesday. 9/30.This will stream live and she will be on the first portion, at 4:00 PM Pacific Time (7:00 EST, etc). To listen live, go to this link.  There will also be options to listen by iPhone, Android or Windows apps.

If you’re unable to listen at this time, it will be available shortly afterward at their Podcast archives and on iTunes.