An award has been established to recognize those students that have met the high standards established by Ratio Christi. Thus, a Legatus Christi Certificate (Latin for Ambassador of Christ) may be conferred on any student that has demonstrated the use of apologetics in evangelistic conversations and is willing and able to regularly teach other believers the skills they have learned.


at Ratio Christi

Dawson HenryAlaska Bible CollegeSpring 2022

Justin Head:University of ArizonaFall 2022

Certificate Recipients
Student Name University Date Notes
Jordan Slusher University of North Carolina Charlotte October 18, 2012 All subsequent Legatus Christi awards are given in honor of Jordan Slusher. Jordan’s story. Related article.
Chris Korcsmaros Shepherd University 2013
Trevor Tackett University of Kentucky 2014
Isaac Woodward Rutgers University 2014 Two Rutgers U Chapter Members Receive Legatus Christi Certificates – Part One
Andrea Morocoima Rutgers University 2014
Czar Bernstein Florida State University 2014 Meet Czar Bernstein, Legatus Christi Recipient and Future Professor
Casper Oliver Richard Stockton College 2014
Ryan Scarbel University of North Carolia Greensboro 2014
Cody Bourse University of Michigan Dearborn 2014
Olivia Mensah University of Michigan Dearborn 2014 Spotlight on Outstanding RC Students at University of Michigan Dearborn – Part One
Brian Bercea University of Michigan Dearborn 2014 (Not interviewed)
Jackson Turner University of Georgia 2014
Grant Willey University of Alabama at Huntsville 2014 Ratio Christi Student Grant Willey: Critical Thinking about “Traditional” vs. “New”
Tim Hsaio Florida State University 2014 (Not interviewed)
Brandon Katz University of Maryland 2014 Brandon Katz: The Jewish Believer Producing More Disciples for Christ
Bentley Anderson, Matthew Beazley, Gaby Bermudez, Megan Brock, Anna Greenlee University of Mississippi 2015 A Fruitful Season: Efforts at “Ole Miss” Pay Off in a Big Way (Part One) and (Part Two)
Andrew Robbins Texas A&M 2015 Five Years of Good Reasons for What We Do
Dan Martin University of New Hampshire 2015
Caitlin Montgomery University of Virginia 2015 The Girl Who Started Everything at UVA
Dominic Silla Stockton University Spring 2015 (Not interviewed)
Marcus Ussery Sam Houston State University 2015 Introducing “Magnet Man” from RC at SHSU
Dan Palmere, Tina Rucker Florida State University 2015 RC Grads Return to Help Their Chapter
Joel Ballivian, Zach Kuhl, Kari Zigterman Western Michigan University 2015 Outstanding RC Students Prove Prediction of a Great Spring at WMU
Madison Blake, Victoria Israel, Zoe Polites, Katie Ann Shaw, Emily Turner RC College Prep, N.C. 2015 Introducing our first group of outstanding RC College Preppers!
Nicholas James Toccoa Falls College 2015 (Not interviewed)
Jordan Karausky Rutgers University Fall 2015 (Not interviewed)
Luke and Lauren Savage, Colby McMurry, Joseph Manzewitsch University of North Carolina Charlotte Spring 2015
Madison Marston University of North Carolina Wilmington Fall 2015 (Not interviewed)
Richard “Isaac” McKown Marshall University 2015 (Not interviewed)
Luke Prudich West Virginia University Fall 2015
Jonathan Arroyo San Jose State University Spring 2016
Tori Novack Stockton University Spring 2016
Tanner Burt, Jeremy Evans, Mark Kloosterman Western Michigan University Spring 2016 “Intentional Discipleship” at Western Michigan University
Emma Hilton University of North Carolina Wilmington Spring 2016
Luke Long University of Kentucky Spring 2016
Jenna Shackleford RC College Prep, N.C. Spring 2016
Matthew Adamson University of Alabama Huntsville Spring 2016
Jessica Thompson Rutgers University Spring 2016
Jesse Perl Winthrop University Spring 2016