Our Mission

We equip university students and faculty to give historical, scientific, and philosophical reasons to believe Christianity is true.

We exist to keep students strong in their faith so they can withstand the challenges they face as they go out into the world!

Equip Students With Reasons to Follow Christ

We bring faith and logic together to give students thought-out reasons for following Jesus Christ. Our goal is to help Christians work through their doubts, and ultimately share Christ with their peers.

Equip Professors with Tools to Share Their Faith

With the right resources, encouragement, and platform, professors can share their own faith with the students around them and be a light within their spheres of influence. We help provide these tools to serve and equip professors.

Plant University Clubs Nationwide

University students are questioning purpose, faith, and identity. Our nationwide clubs provide a safe place to ask apologetics questions (and give leaders resources to tackle them with confidence).

On Campus Apologetics + Evangelism

THOUGHTFUL CHRISTIANITY with a Passion for the Lost


We are evangelistic at heart. Our goal is to share the Gospel on every college campus.


Our campus teams train Christian students to answer the objections that they hear.


We challenge worldviews that oppose Christianity and seek instead to defend its rationality.


We’re just as quick to give a hug as we are to give an argument.

Local Impact

Ratio Christi makes a big impact in many local communities in countries across the world. Locally, Ratio Christi:

Specialized Training

On the university campus, the person with the most credentials is seen as the most credible. A PhD philosophy student tends to ignore the wisdom of anyone who has less education than they do. To effectively evangelize on the college campus, the Church needs to send people with advanced education and advanced compassion.

Only Ratio Christi team members are specially trained to evangelize and minister to these difficult cases.

Partnering With Ministries & Churches

Our campus ministry doesn’t replace or compete with any other ministries or churches. We actively seek out connections with Reasonable Faith, Cru, Intervarsity, Colson Fellows, and a number of other parachurch organizations. Ratio Christi is a special forces ministry. We do our best when we partner with others.

Get Involved

Do you want to help students love God with all their hearts and minds?  You don’t have to be an expert theologian to join Ratio Christi. Find out more about leading a chapter at a local college or university by clicking below.